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Spokesman Rejects Turkish FM’s ‘Unconstructive’ Claims against Iran

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has dismissed as unconstructive Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu's recent anti-Iran claims, saying Turkey and certain other "delusional" countries are responsible for instability and insecurity in the Middle East.

Iran Strongly Denounces Deadly Terrorist Attack in Pakistan

The Iranian Foreign Ministry condemned a terrorist attack in neighboring Pakistan, which killed 76 people and injured many others, describing it as a “brutal and savage” act.

Kuwait Says Iran Will Take Action against Those Who Insulted Their Emir

Kuwaiti Deputy Foreign Minister Khaled al-Jarallah said Iran is against those who insulted the Emir of Kuwait, and will take action against these people.

Iran to Impose Sanctions on American Individuals and Firms: Spokesman

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi said on Monday that Tehran is considering a plan to put a number of American individuals and companies on a sanction list in reaction to the fresh sanctions recently imposed by Trump on the Islamic Republic.

Efforts to Damage Iran-Azerbaijan Ties Are Pointless

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi voiced the country’s willingness to enhance relations with all neighbors in the Caucasus, stressing that mischievous attempts to damage Tehran-Baku relations will get nowhere.

Saudi FM’s Anti-Iran Remarks Result of Riyadh’s Setbacks in Yemen

The Iranian Foreign Ministry has dismissed as hackneyed and groundless the recent claims by Saudi Arabia against the Islamic Republic, saying the heavy blows Riyadh has suffered in Yemen are the reason for such allegations.
Bahram Ghasmei

Spokesman Blasts Washington’s Provocative Claims on Iran’s Missile Tests

Iran has censured recent claims by a top adviser to US President Donald Trump about the Islamic Republic’s missile program as “baseless,” "repetitive," and “provocative.”
Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi

Iran-France Political Challenges Should Not Influence Economic Ties

As French Foreign Minister Jean-Marc Ayrault was in Tehran for high-level political and economic talks, Iran’s foreign ministry spokesman in an article urged the two countries to minimise the impact of political challenges on their bilateral economic relations.
Bahram Qassemi

Missile Test Is Iran’s Absolute Defensive Right

Iranian Foreign Ministry spokesman referred to missile tests as one of #Iran's “inalienable and absolute” rights in order to defend its security and national interests, and stressed that no country or international body can have any say in this regard.
Bahram Qassemi

Iran Condemns Deadly Terrorist Attack on Mosque in Quebec

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi condemned a shooting attack at a Quebec City mosque in which six people were killed and eight were wounded.

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