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Translation of the latest news and views from the Iran newspapers and media about aviation Woes

Lufthansa inks deal to repair planes in Iran

Germany's Lufthansa aviation giant is set to establish a repair and maintenance service unit in Iran. The company is reported to have sealed a deal with Iran Air to the same effect which also envisages cooperation in several other key areas.

World giant aircraft manufacturers come together in Tehran

According to Manager of Public Relations Department of Iranian Civil Aviation Organization, world major aircraft manufacturers from Europe and the United States will gather in Tehran next week. Mr. Reza Jaafar Zadeh said on Jan.4-5...

Aviation companies have no choice but to apply commercial principals

I can not tell people be content with minimum services because airliners with their small assets want to operate. Thus, increasing the capital is a priority because sustainable development could not be achieved without...
engine of Boeing 747

Iran probes jumbo jet engine break-off

The mid-air horror ended after the aircraft with 426 passengers and crew on board safely landed at Tehran’s Mehrabad Airport .
Ahmadi Moqaddam

Iran rejects possibility of sabotage in police plane crash

Iran’s police ruled out the possibility of a terrorist or sabotage operation in the plane crash incident in southeastern Iran that killed several Iranian police officials a few days ago.

Police aircraft crashes in southeastern Iran, kills seven

The deadly crash of the propeller Turbo Commander airplane in the southeast of Iran claimed seven lives.
Iran planes

Air accidents in the court of public opinion

A look at how NGOs can contribute to efforts to win back the lost public trust in Iran’s aviation industry.
Iran President Rouhani

President Rouhani Orders Iran-140 Planes Grounded after Crash

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has ordered the grounding of the country’s Iran-140 passenger planes after Sunday’s deadly crash in Tehran.

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