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Recent Elections Boost Iran’s World Reputation: Syria’s Assad

Recent Elections Boost Iran’s World Reputation: Syria’s Assad

Syrian President Bashar Assad says the recent presidential election held in Iran was a severe blow to the enemies of Iran and enhanced the Islamic Republic’s regional and international reputation.
Bahram Qassemi

US Claims about Syria ‘Useless, Suspicious’: Iran

Iran has blasted Washington’s ‘useless and questionable’ allegations about Syria, and warned against any unilateral military action against the Arab country.

Iran Warns US against Playing with Fire in Syria

In reaction to Washington’s waning to Syria over alleged preparations for a chemical attack, an Iranian high-ranking official has strongly warned the US government against any adventurism in the Arab country.
US Impeding Probe into Alleged Chemical Attack in Syria

‘US Impeding Probe into Alleged Chemical Attack in Syria’

A former Iranian ambassador to Syria says the US is hampering efforts aimed at launching an international investigation into the recent chemical incident in Syria.

Reforms Necessary in Syrian Gov’t: Iranian President

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani underlined the need for implementation of some reforms in Syria’s ruling system, but at the same time noted that the only way out of Syria’s problem is the ballot box.

Syria Gov’t, Opposition Keen to End Conflict: Analyst

A senior political commentator believes that all parties to the ongoing conflict in Syria, including the Assad government and the opposition groups, have the will to the end the six-year war.

Dozens Killed in Suicide Attacks on Syrian Security Forces in Homs

Suicide bombers stormed two Syrian security offices in Homs on Saturday, killing dozens with gunfire and explosions including a senior intelligence officer and prompting airstrikes against the last militant-held enclave in the western city.

Syrian Rebels Seek ‘Direct Negotiations’ with Assad’s Government

Syria's main opposition group has called for face-to-face discussions with government representatives, as a new round of talks in Geneva begins one year after meetings in the Swiss city fell apart.
Assad Abdollahian

Syrian President Hails Iran’s Support in Six-Year-Long Crisis

Syrian President Bashar Assad said on Thursday that Iran has been the main supporter of the Arab country in its almost six-year-long battle against terrorism.

Iran Should Be Congratulated on Syria’s Victory in Fight against Terror: Assad

Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad has praised the role of Iran in his nation’s victories on the battlefield against Takfiri [extremist] terror groups, saying the Islamic Republic also deserves to be congratulated on these successes.

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