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Ardebil-a Province in northwestern Iran-Translation of the latest news and views from the Iran newspapers and media about Ardebil

Wheat Fields in Northwestern Iran

Mizan has published photos of beautiful wheat fields near the city of Ardabil in northwest of Iran.    

Sobatan’s Alpine Valleys

Sobatan is a beautiful region located near Neor Lake in Iran’s northern province of Ardebil. Its beauty and peace attract many local visitors and foreign tourists each year, as its cool climate offers an...

Iced Waterfall, Nowdeh village, Ardebil (PHOTOS)

The picturesque waterfall cascades down 30-meter rocks in the northwestern province of Ardabil, Iran.    

Single-student school in northwestern Iran (PHOTOS)

The teacher of this single-student school travels every day from Meshkin Shahr to teach the only student of the village.

Lake Neor (PHOTOS)

Images of Lake Neor, a body of water which is 210 hectares in area, in northwestern Iran.

Shahar Yeri historical site (PHOTOS)

Images of a historical site in Ardebil Province believed to be 6,000 years old.

Mideast’s highest suspension bridge in northwestern Iran (PHOTOS)

Snapshots of the highest suspension bridge in the Middle East which is located in the Iranian province of Ardebil.

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