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Translation of the latest news and views from the Iran newspapers and media about Iran Archaeological Sites

9,000-Year-Old Ozbaki Ancient Hill Inaugurated in Iran

Ozbaki Ancient Hill, which dates back to some 9,000 years ago, is located in Nazarabad, Alborz province, and is in the interim list for registration in UNESCO World Heritage Sites. It will soon become open...

Skeleton of 7,500-Year-Old Man Found Almost Intact in Iran

The nearly intact skeleton of a man as old as 7,500 years old was discovered in a hill in Shazand County in central Iran, and was later transferred to a museum in Arak, the capital of Markazi province
Ancient Woman Found in Burnt City

Iran Reconstructs Sculpture of Ancient Woman Found in Burnt City

Iranian archaeologists have managed to reconstruct the erected sculpture of an ancient woman with prosthetic eyes found in Iran’s Burnt City using anthropology, artistic, and anatomy studies.
Mannaean Glazed Bricks Discovered in Iran’s Sardasht

3000-Year-Old Glazed Bricks Discovered in Iran’s Sardasht

Archeological excavations in Rabat hill of Iran’s northwestern city of Sardasht led to the discovery of glazed bricks dating back to Mannaean time, 8th century BCE.
Postchi Hill-Shiraz

Prehistoric Archaeological Discoveries in Shiraz

The archaeologists seen in these photos are exploring Postchi Hill in the southern city of Shiraz. New artefacts found in recent explorations of the area date back to the prehistoric era. The finds indicate...

7-millennial cemetery uncovered in Khuzestan (PHOTOS)

Deputy of Khuzestan province ICHTO office announced explorations have uncovered a 7-millenia-old cemetery in Zeidoun, Behbahan, southeastern part of the province. The following images have been released by Mehr News Agency:      
7,000-year-old skeleton-17

7,000-year-old skeleton goes on display (PHOTOS)

The skeleton and 34 other items found in excavations on Mowlavi Street will remain on display for 50 days.
Burnt City

4,600-year-old grave unearthed in Burnt City

The discovery of an ancient grave of a 40-year old woman, which dates back to 4,600 years, has registered a new record in the history of Iran’s excavations.

Excavations uncover ancient gate in Persepolis

The most important findings of the excavations are 30 glazed bricks adorned with images of winged animals which incorporate the mythic beasts of the Elamite and Achemenid eras.
Ozbaki Hill_233

Ozbaki Hill (PHOTOS)

Ozbaki Hill is only known for being the origin of the first man-made adobe handed over to the United Nations.

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