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More Western Tourists, Less Arab Ones Visiting Iran

More Western Tourists, Less Arab Ones Visiting Iran

Official statistics show that the number of tourists from Iraq and the Persian Gulf littoral states visiting Iran has decreased in 2016 and 2017, while that of European and American visitors to the country has witnessed a remarkable growth since August 2015.
Iran to Host Int’l Conference on Diplomacy of Unity

Iran to Host Int’l Conference on Diplomacy of Unity

Iran will be hosting an international diplomacy of unity conference in October, 2017, with solidarity in the Muslim world high on the agenda.
Bahram Ghasemi

Iran Looking for Closer Ties with Neighbours in Rouhani’s New Term

Securing better relations with neighbours and making greater contribution to regional peace and stability will be high on the Islamic Republic's agenda in President Rouhani's new four-year term, foreign ministry spokesman says.
Bahram Qassemi

‘World Acknowledges Iran’s Stabilizing Regional Policies’

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman says the participation of dozens of foreign delegations in Iranian president’s inauguration ceremony shows the world’s recognition of Iran’s stabilizing policies in the Mideast.
Fishing Boat

Qatar Detains Iranian Fishermen for 2nd Time in 2 Weeks

An Iranian official says the Qatari coast guards have arrested three fishermen from the Iranian province of Hormuzgan in the second such incident in almost two weeks.

Iran FM Addresses Council on Foreign Relations (Full Text)

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has discussed a range of issues, from the ongoing problems in the Mideast to the nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers, in an address to a group of scholars and academics at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York.
Iran Not Seeking to Form Regional Coalition: Spokesman

Iran Not Seeking to Form Regional Coalition: Spokesman

Iran says it is not bound to set up coalitions against other countries but rather pursues a policy that would contribute to regional peace.
US Seeking Own Interests in Qatar Crisis-Analyst

US Seeking Own Interests in Qatar Crisis: Analyst

A political commentator says the US is capitalizing on the ongoing crisis in Qatar’s ties with Persian Gulf Arab states to secure its own interests.

Iran Relies on Its People for Development, Security: Zarif

Iranian foreign minister says the country relies on local resources for development and looks to its own people for its legitimacy and security, while regional states are either supported by a foreign country or expect to receive such backing.
qatar and saudi arabia

Confrontation with Iran Could Result in Global Crisis: Qatar

A Qatari official says any confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran could lead to crisis at the international level.

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