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Iran FM Addresses Council on Foreign Relations (Full Text)

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has discussed a range of issues, from the ongoing problems in the Mideast to the nuclear deal between Tehran and world powers, in an address to a group of scholars and academics at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in New York.
Iran Not Seeking to Form Regional Coalition: Spokesman

Iran Not Seeking to Form Regional Coalition: Spokesman

Iran says it is not bound to set up coalitions against other countries but rather pursues a policy that would contribute to regional peace.
US Seeking Own Interests in Qatar Crisis-Analyst

US Seeking Own Interests in Qatar Crisis: Analyst

A political commentator says the US is capitalizing on the ongoing crisis in Qatar’s ties with Persian Gulf Arab states to secure its own interests.

Iran Relies on Its People for Development, Security: Zarif

Iranian foreign minister says the country relies on local resources for development and looks to its own people for its legitimacy and security, while regional states are either supported by a foreign country or expect to receive such backing.
qatar and saudi arabia

Confrontation with Iran Could Result in Global Crisis: Qatar

A Qatari official says any confrontation with the Islamic Republic of Iran could lead to crisis at the international level.

Unverified Details of Qatar’s Response to Saudi Demands

Qatar on Monday responded to a list of demands from Saudi Arabia and its allies after they agreed to give Doha another 48 hours to address their grievances.
Mohammad bin Salman

“Bin Salman Too Indiscreet to Be Political Leader”

A political commentator says Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is too indiscreet and imprudent to be a political leader.

Iran Urges Muslim Nations to Jointly Produce Wealth

A top Iranian official has called on countries within the Muslim world to make joint efforts to produce wealth instead of waging wars against each other.
A Kiss that May Outrage Saudis, Escalate Qatar Crisis

A Kiss that May Outrage Saudis, Escalate Qatar Crisis (+Video)

The Qatari emir has recently greeted a senior Egyptian cleric and kissed his turban in a move that can further unleash the Saudis’ wrath and deepen the ongoing crisis in the Middle East.  
‘Trump Following Bush’s Footsteps in Mideast’

‘Trump Following Bush’s Footsteps in Mideast’

A senior Iranian politician and a former foreign minister says US President Donald Trump is following in the footsteps of his predecessor George W. Bush in the Middle East.

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