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Japan to Make a Fortune from Newly-Born Panda

Japan to Make a Fortune from Newly-Born Panda

A giant panda cub recently born at a zoo in central Tokyo is expected to bring a 26.7 billion yen (242 million US dollars) economic effect to the city, local media reported.
Killer Whale

Should Iranians Worry about Killer Whale Spotted in Persian Gulf?

An Iranian environment official confirmed reports that orcas or killer whales have been sighted off the coasts of Bushehr Province, but stressed that these whales pose no threat to humans.

Miankaleh: A Heavenly Sanctuary in Iran

Miankaleh is a natural wildlife refuge in northern Iran with more than 260 bird species.
Nader Noori

Man of Nature: An Engineer Who Takes Care of Animals with His Family Members

A prominent Iranian engineer has established a park for animal care and protection.

License Plates for Camels in Southern Iran!

Based on a new law in southern Iran, camel owners are obliged to install registration plates on their animals so that they can be identified in case of being involved in car accidents.

Firefighters Save a Cat Trapped under 20 Tons of Steel (+Video)

A poor cat trapped under tons of girders was saved by Iranian firefighters in the northeastern city of Mashhad.

Baby Tiger Found Wandering Streets of Iran’s Mashhad

A video has gone viral in Iran, showing a baby tiger wandering the streets of Iran’s northeastern city of Mashhad.

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