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Café in Tokyo Offers Costumers Company of Snakes! (+Video)

A snake cafe in Tokyo is offering its customers the unique experience of enjoying a cup of coffee or a glass of drink in the company of a slithery snake.

Animal-Lovers Feed Quadrupeds near Tehran Heights

A group of Tehran citizens have joined the rangers in Lavasanat mountain hills to provide fodder for such animals as wild goats, goats and ewes who cannot find enough food in the winter.

Life Returns to Iran’s Lapoo Lake with Singing Swans

The 700-hectare lake of Lapoo in the west of Miankaleh Wetland, northern Iran, which had become an abandoned place due to lack of migratory birds, once again is revived with the arrival of the first group of singing swans.

Iranian “Queen of Snakes” Breaks Record of Kissing Forked Tongues

An Iranian woman named Faezeh Gholami says she has kissed the forked tongue of a snake for eleven times to set a record. The daredevil woman says she did this dangerous thing to become known as “Iran’s Queen of Snakes”.

World’s First Camel Hospital Opens in Dubai

Dubai has opened a $10-million camel hospital in Marmoun, which had its grand opening this week, after a soft opening in late 2016.

First Group of Migratory Birds Arrive in Iran’s Karun River

Each year during the cold season, migratory birds choose one of the equatorial rivers or lagoons to spend the season. Iran annually hosts thousands of these birds.
Beauty of Iranian Horses Attracting Tourists

Beauty of Iranian Horses Attracting Tourists

Various breeds of horses in Iran, including Caspian, Turkmen, Arabian, and Kurdish ones, have the best potential to attract tourists from around the world to the country.

Iranian Researchers to Reproduce Asiatic Cheetah

A number of Iranian researchers are trying to reproduce the endangered species Asiatic cheetah using a substitute womb.
Playing with Iranian Raptors, Popular Entertainment of Arab Sheikhs

Playing with Iranian Raptors, Popular Entertainment of Arab Sheikhs

Playing with Iranian predatory birds is among the most popular entertainments among Arab sheikhs, costing them millions of dollars.
Giant Mammal

Persian Gulf Home to Giant Mammals in Danger of Extinction

Iran’s southern waters are the habitat of rare species of giant aquatic mammals, some of which are on the verge of extinction mainly due to their mass suicides.

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