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Translation of the latest news and views from the Iran newspapers and media about Animal Rights

300 Jellyfish Found Dead in Jask Coast, Southern Iran

About 300 dead jellyfish were found in several locations on the coast of Jask, Hormozgan Province, southern Iran.

Man of Nature: An Engineer Who Takes Care of Animals with His Family Members

A prominent Iranian engineer has established a park for animal care and protection.

Young Cleric Saves Animals’ Lives

A young Iranian cleric, who once became famous for donating his kidney to a kid, is also member of an animal protection group who feeds and rescues stray animals.

Rangers Seize Several Taxidermied Animals from Hunters

Rangers in Semnan Province, central Iran, arrested a number of hunters with a large number of taxidermied animals.

Baby Tiger Found Wandering Streets of Iran’s Mashhad

A video has gone viral in Iran, showing a baby tiger wandering the streets of Iran’s northeastern city of Mashhad.

China Is Banned from Buying Donkeys!

China's demand for donkey products, used in traditional remedies, is proving problematic for African suppliers and causing economic and environmental problems.

Hayat Animal Sanctuary

Hayat Animal Sanctuary is the first centre of its kind in Arak, Central Province, set up for the vaccination and treatment of homeless animals.    
Sadeq Amoli Larijani

Judiciary Chief: Respect for Animals Should be Learnt from Childhood

According to IRNA, Judiciary Chief Ayatollah Sadeq Amoli Larijani said that respect for animals should be taught to people from their childhood. "If we want to make the preservation of the environment into a popular...

Iranians Hold Rally in Support of Animal Rights

A number of Iranian citizens held a rally in Tehran to support the application of animal rights through legal channels. The crowd gathered in front of the ِDepartment of Environment. ​   Related: Dog Tormentor Arrested

Dog Tormentor Arrested

The persecutor of a poor dog has been arrested in Iran, after releasing a video on social media. The man was traced by his car's license plate, which was visible in the footage. He was...

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