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Zoroastrians Flock to Sacred Temple for Annual Pilgrimage

Each year from June 14–18, thousands of Zoroastrians from Iran, India and other countries flock to an ancient fire temple at Pir-e Sabz or Chak Chak village in central Iran.
Surp Karapet church

Muslim Citizens Join Only Christian Family in the Town on Christmas

The only Christian family of Abadan, a city in southwestern Iran, enjoyed the companionship of their Muslim fellow citizens during the Christmas Day.

Christmas, A Manifestation of Inter-Religious Coexistence in Iran

Iranian people’s happiness with their participation in a traditional ceremony, irrespective of their religious beliefs, has played a major role in helping Christmas business thrive in Iran during the days leading to Christian New Year.
Qara Kelisa or St. Thaddeus Complex in Chaldoran, northwest of Iran, hosted the annual religious ceremony of Armenians known as Badarak.

Thousands of Armenians Hold Religious Ceremony in Iran’s St. Thaddeus Church

Qara Kelisa or St. Thaddeus Complex in Chaldoran, northwest of Iran, hosted the annual religious ceremony of Armenians known as Badarak.

Religious Minorities Will Vote in Elections as Seriously as Other Citizens

Prominent figures from religious minorities in West Azerbaijan Province, in a gathering arranged by the IRNA news agency, said that religious minorities are inseparable parts of the Iranian nation and take part in all aspects of life. This includes the upcoming elections, where they will vote alongside their compatriots.

“I Didn’t Imagine Iran Being Open-Minded to This Extent”

“I have read Ayatollah Khamenei's letter to western youth, and that's exactly why I'm in Iran at the moment. I want to draw the attention of the world's Christian believers to a country which...
world’s most ancient Bibles

Tabriz is home to one of the world’s most ancient Bibles

Representatives of the Vatican proposed on several occasions to buy it from Tabriz Library and were ready to offer a blank check in return, Manuchehr Jafari said.
Zoroastrian priest

All religions are there to promote humanity: Zoroastrian priest

The aim of different religions is monotheism and they do not argue with each other over details, said the Head of Iran's Zoroastrian Mobed Council Ardeshir Khorshidian.

World Christian gathering in Chaldoran a sign of religious freedom in Iran

We should safeguard this invaluable treasure called Iran, because only a few kilometers away from the borders of this country, churches are being destroyed, Archbishop Sarkissian said.
Bishop Mirm

Iranian religious minorities enjoying freedom, respect: Bishop Mirm

Bishop Thomas Mirm says complete freedom and respect were the results of Iran’s 1979 Islamic Revolution for religious minorities of the country.

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