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The latest news, views about Iran’s 2016 elections as covered by Iranian media outlets.

Ahmadinejad Pens Letter to Leader: I Have No Plan for Presidential Elections

After the Leader advised Ahmadinejad against running for next year's presidential votes, a media advisor to the ex-president says he has no plan to do so.

Leader Confirms Reports of His Advice to Ahmadinejad against Running for Presidency

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei implied on Monday that he has advised ex-president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad against running for next year’s presidential elections.

General Soleimani and Upcoming Presidential Elections: Will He Remain a Soldier?

A senior Iranian MP noted that Major General Soleimani's involvement in political issues is dangerous.

Different Factions Claim to Hold Majority of Seats in Next Parliament

Reformists, independents, and conservatives each claim to have 168, 140, and 181 seats, respectively, in next Iranian parliament. Do they?

Independent MPs Will Play Vital Role in Forming Parliament Majority

A couple of reports published by Tabnak news website state that the reformists and the conservatives have gained the same number of seats in the Iranian parliament, which means that independents will play a great role in determining the next parliament’s majority.

Run-off Election Turnout at 59%: Interior Ministry

Iran's Deputy Interior Minister Hossein-Ali Amiri announced that the turnout in the second round of the 10th parliamentary elections was 59 percent.

Parliamentary Election Results: 34 Reformists, 22 Principalists, 11 Independent

In the runoff elections held Fri. to determine the makeup of Iran’s 10th parliament, 34 Reformists, 22 Principalists, 1 on both lists and 11 Independent candidates secured a seat in the 290-member assembly.

Iran’s New Parliament Completed with Run-Off Votes

Elections were held in 21 provinces of Iran on Friday to fill 68 parliamentary seats left vacant after the countrywide February polls.

The elections in Iran were carried out without filtering and with freedom of access...

The elections in Iran were carried out without filtering and with freedom of access to information

Radicals Absent from New Iranian Parliament: Conservative Leader

Gholam-Ali Haddad Adel believes that the tenth parliament will have a special identity not similar to any of previous ones, because the radical lawmakers of sixth and ninth parliaments will not be present in this parliament.

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