عالم سنی: اسلام شخصیتی برجسته در جهان سیاست را از دست داد

شیخ خالد الملا رئیس جماعت علمای اهل سنت عراق با اشاره به رحلت آیت‌الله هاشمی رفسنجانی، اذعان کرد اسلام و انسانیت یک شخصیت برجسته در جهان سیاست را از دست داد.

پیام تسلیت آیت‌الله العظمی سیستانی برای درگذشت آیت‌الله رفسنجانی

آیت‌الله سیستانی، مرجع بزرگ شیعیان جهان، رحلت آیت‌الله هاشمی رفسنجانی را تسلیت گفتند.
Ayatollah Rafsanjani

چینی‌ها جشن عید خود را در تهران به تعویق انداختند

سفارت چین در تهران جشن عید بهار چین را که قرار بود این هفته در کاخ نیاوران برگزار شود، به تعویق انداخت.

Envoy: Russia Not After Any Military Base in Iran

Russia has not and will not seek any military base inside Iran, Russian ambassador to Tehran underlined, describing Moscow’s recent use of an Iranian airbase for dispatching bomber jets to Syria as part of the two sides’ efforts to “take revenge on terrorists”.
Hassan Qashqavi

Foreign Ministry to Allocate Budget to Release of Iranian Prisoners Abroad

Hassan Qashqavi, Iranian Deputy Foreign Minister, highlighted the considerable increase in the country’s services given to the Iranians living abroad including those incarcerated.

Iranian President Congratulates Indonesia on National Day

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani offered his congratulations to the Indonesian people and government over the Southeast Asian country’s Independence Day.

President Rouhani Lauds Iran-Russia ‘Strategic’ Ties

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani praised the growing relations between Tehran and Moscow, saying that the two countries have close cooperation in various areas at regional and international levels.

Putin Renews Vow to Give Iran $2.5bn of Loans

Russia says it is still committed to a pledge it has already made to grant two loans worth $2.5 billion to Iran.

US Allows South Korea to Do Iran Trade In Euros: Report

South Korean companies will be able to carry out business with Iran in euros as early as next month, enabling the Asian country to cash in on new opportunities from lifting of sanctions on Tehran.

Ukraine Ambassador Pledges Push to Lift Visa Requirements for Iranians

Ukraine’s Ambassador to Tehran Sergei Buldiliak said he is going to use his experience as a diplomat in charge of handling consular affairs to ease the visa restrictions for the Iranians traveling to Ukraine.



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