Anti-Iran Terror Cell Received US Training: Report

An anti-Iran Kurdish terrorist group says it has received many rounds of military training from US advisers as well as arms and ammunition from both Washington and European countries.

Mine Explosion Kills Little Boy in West of Iran

The explosion of a land mine remained from the Iraqi imposed war (1980s) killed and wounded three little children who were playing in Sardasht, a town in northwestern Iran.

‘Angelina Jolie’ of Kurdistan Killed in Fight against ISIS

Kurdish Angelina Jolie was killed in fierce clashes with ISIS militants in Syrian border town of Jarabulus.

Women Banned from Wearing Burqa When Entering ISIS’ Security Centres

Although the ISIS terrorist group had earlier made it obligatory for women to wear burqa [full face veiling], it has now banned its use for the women who are getting into security centres in the ISIS-held Iraqi city of Mosul.

ISIS Sets New Football Rules: If You’re Injured, You May Reciprocate!

The ISIS terrorist group has reportedly banned football referees in one of its Syrian strongholds and set new football rules as the previous ones were not in line with Islam’s Sharia.

ISIS Uses German Teenager for Its Executions

As many of its members have fled the battlefields, the ISIS terrorist group has no choice but to assign children and teenagers the roles of executers. A German boy is the latest example of such killers.

Bloody Infighting among ISIS Terrorists in Iraq

Several ISIS elements have been killed and wounded in an armed infighting in the Iraqi town of Hawija.

“Barzanistan”, Kurdish Aspect of the Philosophy behind ISIS Emergence

Massoud Sadr-Mohammadi, an expert in Turkish and Caucasian affairs, recently warned against a plot hatched by Israel and the US to disintegrate the Middle East and create tension and instability in the region by abusing Kurd people.

Iran’s Shamkhani Urges India’s Restraint in Kashmir

Secretary of Iran’s Supreme National Security Council (SNSC) Ali Shamkhani called on the Indian government to show restraint regarding the current crisis in Kashmir.

Old ISIS Terrorists Execute Syrian Troopers

A recent video shows four Syrian soldiers in orange clothes apparently being shot dead by a number of old members of the ISIS terrorist group.



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