درخواست وزیر خارجه هند از سفیر خود در ایران

وزیر امورخارجه هند در پیامی توییتری از سفیر کشورش در تهران خواست تا شکایاتی را که از سوی شهروندان هندی مقیم ایران به دستش رسیده پیگیری کند.
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تصاویری زیبا ازجشنواره رنگارنگ برف و یخ در چین

جشنواره 3 ماهه یخ و برف چین امسال نیز همچون سال‌های گذشته با استقبال زیادی روبرو شده است .

رهبر کره شمالی: از این به بعد به جای مسیح باید مادربزرگ من را...

رهبر کره‌شمالی جشن‌های کریسمس را ممنوع اعلام کرده و به شهروندان دستور داده است تا مادربزرگش «کیم جونگ-سوک» را به جای حضرت مسیح (ع) در کریسمس عبادت کنند!
Bahram Qassemi

Iran Condemns Terrorist Attack on Pakistan Mosque

Iran has denounced a terrorist attack in a packed mosque in northwestern Pakistan, urging all countries in the region to firmly fight and eradicate the catastrophe of terrorism.
Bahram Qassemi

Iran Condemns Deadly Terrorist Attacks in Pakistan

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi strongly condemned recent terrorist attacks in neighboring Pakistan, which left at least 19 people dead and dozens of others wounded.

Iran’s FM Attends Uzbek President’s Funeral

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif on Saturday attended the funeral ceremony held for Uzbek President Islam Karimov, who died at 78 on Friday.

Iran Condoles Uzbek President’s Death

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani expressed condolences over the death of Uzbekistan's long-time leader Islam Karimov.

President Rouhani Hopes for Closer Iran-Malaysia Ties

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani offered his congratulations to the Malaysian people and government over the anniversary of the Southeast Asian country’s Independence Day, also known as Hari Merdeka.

Iran Urges Australia’s Respect for Law in Dealing with Asylum Seekers

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called on Australia to treat refugees within the bounds of international law.

President Rouhani Urges Rapid Implementation of Iran-Pakistan Deals

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani called for closer cooperation between Tehran and Islamabad in all areas and stressed the need to quickly implement the agreements previously signed between the two neighboring countries.



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