دوقلو‌هایی که در دو سال مختلف به دنیا آمدند!

دو برادر دوقلو در آمریکا بخاطر فرارسیدن سال نو میلادی در دو سال متفاوت به دنیا آمدند.

بیماری که 18 سال در شکم خود یک قیچی داشت!

قیچی که 18 سال در بدن بیمار جا مانده بود، بالاخره با انجام عمل جراحی خارج شد.

ساندویچی که باعث دستگیری سارق شد!

ساندویچ کره و مربای نیم‌خورده‌ای که سارق در صحنه جرم جا گذاشته بود، باعث دستگیری وی شد.

شیوه عجیب سرقت از دستگاه خودپرداز در روسیه

سارقی در شمال غرب مسکو با شیوه عجیبی از دستگاه خودپرداز سرقت کرده است.

Mine Explosion Kills Little Boy in West of Iran

The explosion of a land mine remained from the Iraqi imposed war (1980s) killed and wounded three little children who were playing in Sardasht, a town in northwestern Iran.

Petchem Accidents Not Caused by Cyber Attacks: Iranian Commander

Head of Iran’s Civil Defense Organization Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali dismissed the notion that a number of recent incidents in the country’s petrochemical industry may have been the result of cyber attacks.

Iran’s Supertanker, Container Ship Collide in Singapore Strait

A large container ship has collided with an Iranian supertanker in the busy Singapore Strait, causing damage to both vessels, but no injuries or oil pollution, the Maritime and Port Authority of Singapore (MPA) says.

16-Year-Old Iranian Girl Pulls a Car with Her Teeth

Faezeh Sarlak is a 16-year-old girl from Iran’s southwestern city of Ahvaz. She recently pulled a car using his teeth. Here are ISNA’s photos of...

Wild Dogs Attack Athletes in Tehran’s Azadi Stadium

A few days ago, a number of wild dogs seriously attacked and injured two athletes at Tehran’s Azadi Sports Complex. The two were sent to the hospital, and one of them is in critical conditions; however, the authorities and people avoided killing the aggressive animals.

Clashes over Water in Southern Iran Kill 1, Injure 30

At least one person has been killed and 30 people injured in clashes over a water supply.



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