نگاهی به صنعت گردشگری ایران در سال 2016

سال 2016 از نظر گردشگری برای ایران سال خوبی بود. در کنار مسیرهای هوایی سابق، مسیرهای جدیدی نیز تأسیس شده و دو منطقه گردشگری جدید ایرانی نیز به فهرست میراث جهانی یونسکو اضافه شدند. علاوه بر این شرکت‌های معتبر جهانی نیز از برنامه‌های خود برای بازگشایی هتل در ایران سخن گفته‌اند.

زخم‌های تخت‌جمشید را ژاپنی‌ها مرهم می‌گذارند

باستان‌شناسان و متخصصان ژاپنی به منظور مرمت و محافظت از محوطه تاریخی و جهانی تخت جمشید روانه ایران می‌شوند.

Historical Houses of Iran’s Kashan

The central Iranian city of Kashan is home to several historical houses with beautiful architecture and decorations. These houses, including those of Boroujerdis, Tabatabaeis,...

Pottery Uncovered in Iron Age Cemetery in Iran’s Qazvin

A number of pottery objects have been found during excavations in an Iron Age cemetery hill in Qazvin with a new ancient tomb emerging from underground.

Remnants of 2m-Year-Old Elephant Discovered in Iran

Remnants of an ancient elephant’s ivory and its upper and lower jaws were found in a village in Iran’s north-western province of Ardebil.

Darougheh House in Iran’s Mashhad Wins UNESCO Conservation Award

The conservation of Darougheh House in Mashhad, Khorasan Razavi Province, was among the 13 winning projects of UNESCO 2016 Asia-Pacific Awards for Cultural Heritage Conservation.

Historic Bazaar of Tabriz in Northwestern Iran

The Bazaar of Tabriz is a historical market situated in the middle of Tabriz, Iran. It is one of the oldest bazaars in the...
Iranian Mobile Museum

Iranian Mobile Museum Moving from One Continent to Another

Iran’s Ambassadors for Peace Mobile Museum travelled to five African countries in an effort to disseminate the culture of peace.

9,000-Year-Old Ozbaki Ancient Hill Inaugurated in Iran

Ozbaki Ancient Hill, which dates back to some 9,000 years ago, is located in Nazarabad, Alborz province, and is in the interim list for...

Dutch Adventurer after Visiting Iran: I Can’t Even Remember my Preconceptions

“Never before had I been to a country whereby the preconceptions of it were so far away from reality… the people of Iran are the best.” These are the words of Kim Berghout, a hitchhiking world-traveling adventurer from the Netherlands who has shared her experiences about visiting Iran.



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