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Never before in the fast-developing world we live in has the need for effective communication between nations been more pressing than today. Although Farsi is a rich and at times unique language, one needs to admit that it offers limited potential for interaction between Iranian media and their counterparts elsewhere in the world.

Iran Front Page (IFP) aims to make the content of Farsi-language media understandable to the non-Iranian audience. To get the message across, we at IFP build on the 23-year experience of publishing Safhe-ye Avval, a print monthly journal and our parent of sorts that focused on translating the best of non-Persian news materials. At first, we simply focus on Iranian media, though.

What stands out about Iran Front Page, which is meant to facilitate the free flow of information between Iran and the rest of the world, is that it follows an independent, faithful, and professional approach to selecting the items that appear on Ifpnews.com.

In contributing to the greater cause of interaction, IFP also seeks to embody the voice of Iranians from inside Iran and do its part in rectifying the distorted, and in some cases black, picture some media, at home or abroad, paint of the homeland.

By and large, IFP is trying to say that in Iran life goes on as normally as it can.


Mahmood Askarieh

Mahmoud Askarieh
IFP Managing Editor and Owner

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