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“Iran Needs Revolutionary President Who Can Take High Risks”

Iran’s political atmosphere today needs a new revolutionary president with a will to take high risks, said Hamid Reza Taraqqi, a senior conservative politician.

“Trump’s Decision on Iran Deal May Prompt N. Korea to Leave Talks with US”

A political analyst says Trump’s non-compliance with the Iran nuclear deal may prompt the North Korean leader to distrust the US and abandon negotiations with Washington.

“Europe Incapable of Securing Iran’s Interests under Nuclear Deal”

An Iranian political commentator says Europe does not have the power and resolve to guarantee that Tehran will reap the benefits of JCPOA.

“Strategic Disaster of Leaving Iran Deal”

Hossein Mousavian, a former Iranian nuclear negotiator and a professor of Princeton University, has analysed the consequences of Trump's disastrous withdrawal from Iran nuclear deal.

Iran Must Escape from Nuclear Deal’s Handcuffs: Analyst

A prominent conservative journalist says Iran should not be deceived by Europe’s promises regarding the nuclear deal and must get out of the multilateral deal’s “handcuffs”, a term used by the UK to describe the JCPOA.

“US Exit from JCPOA Big Opportunity to Rearrange Political Blocs”

A senior lawmaker says the pull-out of the US from the historic nuclear deal with Iran could be a milestone in the history of global politics, if governments in Europe and elsewhere dare to stand against the illogical stance of US President Donald Trump.

“No JCPOA Left; Which Deal Are You Talking About?”

Hossein Shariatmadari, a conservative Iranian journalist, says there is no JCPOA left to discuss whether or not to pull out of it.

Macron’s Talks with Trump; Attempt to Support Iran Deal or Mere Show?

As speculations have risen about US President Donald Trump’s pulling out of Iran nuclear deal in May, European leaders’ visits to Washington to hold talks with US officials have grabbed the attention of the observers.

“N. Korean Leader Trying to Avoid Fate of Saddam, Gaddafi”

An analyst says the North Korean leader has backed down from his position fearing he might suffer the same fate that former Iraqi and Libyan leaders underwent.

“Saudi Arabia Driving Wedge between Iran, Tajikistan”

Riyadh is trying to foment discord between Iran and Tajikistan as their cold ties will create favourable conditions for Saudi Arabia to turn the Central Asian state into a breeding ground for advocates of a radical interpretation of Islam.

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