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“Trump’s Strategy of Gaining Concessions to Grip All Countries”

A senior political analyst has called on the EU to reinforce its independent role vis-à-vis the US, warning that Trump’s policy of gaining concessions will spill over to all countries, especially Europe.
US-Saudi Nuclear Talks Aimed at Pushing Back on Iran

“US-Saudi Nuclear Talks Aimed at Pushing Back on Iran”

An expert on US politics says Washington’s efforts to sign a nuclear cooperation accord with Saudi Arabia are aimed at tipping the balance of power in the Middle East to its favour and push back against Iran in the region.

Iran-EU Talks: Initiative for Peace or Withdrawal in Trump’s Favour?

Reports say that some European countries have already begun their talks with Tehran to reach what US President Donald Trump has forced them to achieve.

“US Readiness for Talks with Taliban Aimed at Prolonging Afghan Conflict”

An Iranian parliamentarian says statements by a US official expressing readiness for talks with the Taliban militant group are aimed not at settling the problem, but at exacerbating the 17-year conflict in Afghanistan.

“Zarif’s Trip Turning Point in Iran’s Ties with Eastern Europe”

A senior Iranian official says Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif’s ongoing tour of Eastern Europe and the Balkans is a watershed in Tehran’s relations with those countries.

“Iran Needs to Leave Nuclear Deal, Change Strategic Policies”

A senior IRGC commander has called on Iranian officials to withdraw the country from the nuclear deal given the other parties’ failure to meet their obligations.

“Iran Should React More Strongly to Netanyahu’s Threats”

Analysts believe Iran needs to show stronger reaction to the Israeli premier’s threats against the Islamic Republic.

Iran President’s Trip to India May Balance Delhi-Tel Aviv Ties

Experts believe Iranian President Hassan Rouhani’s recent visit to New Delhi, which was made shortly after the Israeli premier’s trip to India, as well as the visit of the Indian prime minister to Israel, could balance India’s ties with the Zionist regime.

“Jordan Trying to Assume Stronger Regional Role via Russia”

A senior political analyst and former diplomat says Jordan is seeking to take on a stronger role in the region through Russia, and the strategy has two key components: the Jerusalem al-Quds case and Syria.

Downing of Israeli Jet Fighter Marks End of Tel Aviv’s “Invincibility”

The Syrian Army’s shoot-down of an Israeli warplane in response to Tel Aviv’s aggression has come as a heavy blow to the Tel Aviv regime and its so-called invincibility.

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