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Syria Must Fire Missiles at Riyadh, Abu Dhabi: Iranian Analyst

A senior Iranian journalist and commentator says the Syrian army must fire missiles at Riyadh and Abu Dhabi in retaliation for the airstrikes on Syria conducted by a US-led coalition supported by Saudis and Emiratis.

US Not to Fire More than Few Missiles at Syria: Expert

A senior Iranian expert and a former diplomat believes the US does not seem to be launching a massive strike on Syria and the case will not be so serious that Iran’s intervention would be needed.

“US-Made Patriot System Can’t Help Saudis Intercept Yemeni Missiles”

A senior Iranian commentator says Saudi Arabia has spent a hefty amount of money to purchase the US-made cutting-edge patriot missiles but what it has received cannot intercept the missiles fired by Yemen’s Ansarullah fighters at the Kingdom.

“Saudi Arabia Influenced by US’ Anti-Iran Delusions”

A senior Iraqi analyst says Saudi Arabia should extricate itself from the quagmire of anti-Iran delusions created by the United States.

“EU’s Talks with US over Iran Deal Strategic Mistake”

The EU has made a big mistake by entering into talks with the US over the Iran nuclear deal, instead of holding its ground and announcing it will never accept US calls for renegotiation of the pact.

“Riyadh’s Recognition of Israel to Unite Muslim World against Tel Aviv”

The latest move by Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman to recognize Israel as a state has been described as the climax of the three-year covert and secret relations between Riyadh and Tel Aviv, which can lead to the creation of an anti-Israel coalition by the Islamic states.

“JCPOA Termination: Disaster for US, Golden Opportunity for Iran”

A senior Iranian journalist and commentator says Washington is unlikely to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal as the agreement has had numerous advantages for Americans and withdrawing from it will just benefit Tehran.

Iran Won’t Compromise on Cause of Palestine: FM Zarif

Iran’s foreign minister says the country will not compromise on the issue of Palestine and regards the Palestinian cause as its own.

“Claim That Israeli Jets Fly over Iran Ridiculous”

A commentator says the rumour that two Israeli F-35 stealth jets had entered Iran’s airspace and returned safe is extremely funny.

“John Bolton, A Cat in Guise of A Leopard”

An Iranian political analyst and journalist has described the new US National Security Advisor John Bolton as a cat in the guise of a leopard.

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