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Is Iran Capable of Sending Missiles to Yemen?

Is Iran Capable of Sending Missiles to Yemen?

An analyst says Yemen is under a total blockade and it is impossible to send even medicines to that country, let alone missiles.

NATO May Withdraw Forces from Iraqi Kurdistan Region

NATO member states including Slovenia may withdraw their forces from the Iraqi Kurdistan region, Slovenian defence minister says.
Bin Salman

“Changes in Saudi Arabia Can Be in Line with Iran’s Interests”

An Iranian political expert believes that if Iran and Saudi Arabia decide to set aside the proxy wars, then the changes in the Arab kingdom could be to the interest of Iran.

‘Hariri Had No Plan for Resignation When Meeting Iran Envoy’

An Iranian analyst says the Lebanese prime minister's meeting with Iran’s Velayati only 48 hours before his resignation shows Saad Hariri was not aware of the fate awaiting him, and his later resignation in Riyadh was dictated to him.
‘China, Russia Backing Iran at Expense ofTehran’s Trade Growth’

‘China, Russia Backing Iran at Expense of Tehran’s Trade Growth’

A journalist says Russia and China’s support for Iran comes at the expense of Tehran’s trade and industrial development.
How Iran Benefits from Washington’s More Hostile Strategy

How Iran Benefits from Washington’s More Hostile Strategy

A report by Basirat news website has discussed the benefits Iran can reap from the harder line recently taken, unanimously, by the US government and Congress against the Islamic Republic.
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Why Did Saudi Arabia Agree to Recent Changes?

Experts say one of the reasons which recently triggered social changes in Saudi Arabia was the country’s willingness to break with tradition.

Is Donald Trump Really Crazy?

A political analyst says Trump pretends to be a lunatic like Nixon while seeking a new cold war like Kennedy.
Iraq's Role in Washington's Anti-Iran Strategy

Iraq’s Role in Washington’s Anti-Iran Strategy

An Iranian analyst has weighed in on the roles Iraqi premier Haider al-Abadi and influential Shiite cleric Muqtada al-Sadr are playing in Washington’s agenda of diminishing Iran’s influence in the region.

‘Trump’s Unusual Behaviour Precursor to Collapse of US’ Global Power’

A political analyst believes Trump’s unusual words and deeds are a preamble to the collapse of the United States’ global power.

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