Why Turkey Is Ratcheting Up Anti-Iran Rhetoric

Turkish President Erdoğan recently coined a new term, ‘Persianism’ or Persian nationalism, to express part of his concern over the change of Mideast situation in favour of Iran. But what is the reason behind the escalation of Turkey’s anti-Iran rhetoric?

Blues Punish Complacent Reds

The Iran Pro League table-topper Persepolis should have stopped living in the past in Sunday’s eagerly-awaited derby against traditional archrival Esteghlal in Azadi Stadium, west of Tehran.
Barack Obama, Donald Trump

Why Iran’s Leader Thanked US President Trump

Trump’s anti-Iran rhetoric, alongside Obama’s efforts to threaten and put Iran under pressure, not only didn’t make the Iranians retreat, but strengthened their national unity, solidarity and support for the ruling system.
Donald Trump

Trump’s Travel Ban Depriving US of Flavour Iranians Could Add

An Iranian politician and cultural figure has discussed the consequences of President Trump’s executive order that bans Iranians from entering the US, saying the ban deprives Americans of the sugar Iranians could add to the American society.

Rouhani Administration Promoting Gender Equality in Iran: Activist

An Iranian women’s rights activist has described as positive the government’s efforts to bridge the gender gap existing in the Iranian society.

Trump’s Threat Should Be Taken Seriously: Analyst

A political analyst says the world should take the “Trumpism” threat seriously and prevent the emergence of another Hitler.

Trump’s Visa Ban Once Again Puts Iran in ‘Axis of Evil’

An Iranian columnist says the protests staged by opponents of US President Donald Trump do not mean they are really identifying themselves with Iranians and other Muslims, but they are rather using the issue for their own benefit. To them, Iran is still the axis of evil!

Eighth Wall Separating Americans and Mexicans

The new US administration is planning to divide off American people from Mexicans by erecting a wall along the two countries’ common border at a time when the world looks to bridging differences and getting closer together.
Abdel Bari Atwan

Arab Leaders Criticized for Silence over Trump’s Biased Order

Abdel Bari Atwan, the well-known Arab author and journalist, has taken a swipe at Arab leaders for remaining tight-lipped in the face of US President Trump’s executive order which bans nationals of seven Muslim majority countries from entering America.

Attempts to Increase Iran-Russia Distance Can Harm Fight against Terror

A senior Iranian analyst believes that divisive diplomacy and religious bans won’t lead to sustainable peace in Syria and the Middle East, and if the US President Trump wants to defeat terrorism in the region, he should avoid imposing such approaches.

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