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US Seeking Own Interests in Qatar Crisis-Analyst

US Seeking Own Interests in Qatar Crisis: Analyst

A political commentator says the US is capitalizing on the ongoing crisis in Qatar’s ties with Persian Gulf Arab states to secure its own interests.

President Rouhani under Pressure on Cabinet Line-Up

As Iranian President Rouhani is preparing to announce his next cabinet, speculations are increasingly raised on his cabinet’s line-up by main political figures from the two main political camps in Iran.

‘Iran’s Law on FOI, Landmark in Promoting Civil Rights’

A top Iranian academic says the law on Freedom of Information is a turning point in promoting civil rights in the Islamic Republic.
How US Media Cover Same Tragedies in Opposite Ways

How US Media Cover Same Tragedies in Opposite Ways

A political commentator has weighed in on the US double standards in reaction to two similar tragic incidents: the USSR’s shoot-down of a Korean airliner, and the US downing of an Iranian passenger plane.
Mohammad bin Salman

“Bin Salman Too Indiscreet to Be Political Leader”

A political commentator says Saudi Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman is too indiscreet and imprudent to be a political leader.
The Real Security Threats on Iran’s Periphery

The Real Security Threats on Iran’s Periphery

A senior Middle East security analyst has discussed why the Islamic Republic of Iran needs to enhance its defensive capabilities in a region full of threats and instability.
Riyadh’s Real Nature Revealed to Ankara

“Riyadh’s Real Nature Revealed to Ankara”

An Iranian lawmaker says the crisis between Qatar and Saudi Arabia has revealed the true nature of Riyadh to Turkey.
Hassan Rouhani - Iran President

Slogans against Rouhani “Suspicious”

A leading Iranian conservative newspaper has decried the ‘suspicious’ move by a group of hardliners on the International Quds Day to chant insulting slogans against President Hassan Rouhani.
Saudi Arabia Close to Political Suicide

Saudi Arabia Close to Political Suicide

By appointing his son as the new crown prince, Saudi Arabia’s King Salman has pushed his country closer to a political suicide.

Iran Sends Three Messages by Firing Six Missiles: Analyst

With launching missile strikes on ISIS positions in Syria, Iran has sent a strong message to the world that if London, Paris, Ankara and other major capitals are targeted by ISIS and nothing is made in retaliation, the story is different with Tehran.

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