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Iranian Woman Using Music to Teach Alphabets to Nomads

Parvin Bahmani, an Iranian musician, has been teaching alphabets to nomadic children through music, dancing, and songs.

Iran Starts Finding Training Camp in Russia for 2018 FIFA World Cup

Iran National Football Team Manager, Carlos Queiroz, has sent his assistants to Russia to choose the team’s camp location during the 2018 FIFA World Cup.
Iran Urges Saudi Arabia Not to Politicize Sports

Iran Urges Saudi Arabia Not to Politicize Sports

Iran’s Minister of Sports and Youth Affairs Masoud Soltanifar advised Saudi officials to draw a line between politics and sports, reminding the kingdom of the many interests it shares with Iran in the region.
Mobile Library Serving Rural Children in Iran

Mobile Library Serving Rural Children in Iran

An Iranian philanthropist has been taking a mobile library to deprived areas, distributing books among children and young adults.

Websites Filtered Only by Judicial Decrees: Iranian Official

A top Iranian Judiciary official says websites and other online services could be blocked only through judicial decrees, not based on a certain official’s opinion.
Women’s Arm Wrestling Tournament Held in Iran’s Kashan

Women’s Arm Wrestling Tournament Held in Iran’s Kashan

The first edition of women's arm wrestling tournament has been held in the central Iranian city of Kashan.

Iran to Hold Annual Sports Festival for Pensioners

An Iranian official says a permanent committee will be set up for the National Sports Festival of the Retired.

Sabian Mandaeans Perform New Year Rituals in Iran

On the anniversary of the Mandaean New Year, the Sabians in southwestern Iran performed their baptism rite by immersing themselves in Karun River.
tehran university

Iran, EU Universities Sign Several MoUs

A number of Iranian universities have signed Memoranda of Understanding with their European counterparts to expand their science cooperation, according to an Iranian official.

Fibre Optics Overhauling Internet Services in Iran

Internet services in Iran will be completely overhauled by the fibre optics technology, which is being promoted by the Iranian ministry of Communications and Information Technology.

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