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Chinese Vessels’ Overfishing Affect Iranian Fishermen’s Livelihoods

An Iranian lawmaker says excessive fishing by Chinese ships in waters off the southern Iranian coasts has affected local fishermen’s livelihoods.

‘US Will Have to Stay Outside Iranian Missiles’ Striking Range’

The IRGC chief-commander says the US will have to relocate its bases to areas outside the striking range of Iranian missiles if anti-Tehran sanctions are re-imposed.
Bahram Qassemi

Iran Rejects Final Statement of Arab League Summit

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has dismissed the final statement of the recent Arab League summit in Cairo and the anti-Iran allegations raised by Emirati and Kuwait representatives during the meeting.
Giant Mammal

Persian Gulf Home to Giant Mammals in Danger of Extinction

Iran’s southern waters are the habitat of rare species of giant aquatic mammals, some of which are on the verge of extinction mainly due to their mass suicides.

Hendijan Beach, Pearl of Persian Gulf

The port city of Hendijan in southern Iran, a historical town which dates back to 3,000 years ago, is known as the pearl of the Persian Gulf thanks to its beautiful beach.

12-Metre-Long Whale Washes Up Dead on Iranian Coast

A gigantic Bryde's whale weighing nearly 10 tonnes has been found washed ashore on the coasts of Shibkooh in Bandar Lengeh, southern Iran, an environment official announced.
IRGC Rejects US Claims on 'Unsafe' Drone Operation

IRGC Rejects US Claims on ‘Unsafe’ Drone Operation

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps has dismissed the US claim that an IRGC drone has made an 'unsafe approach' to an American warship in the Persian Gulf, saying the claims are part of Washington's psychological operations.
Fishing Boat

Qatar Detains Iranian Fishermen for 2nd Time in 2 Weeks

An Iranian official says the Qatari coast guards have arrested three fishermen from the Iranian province of Hormuzgan in the second such incident in almost two weeks.
Iran, US Navies Engage in Second Encounter in One Week

Iran, US Navies Engage in Second Encounter in One Week

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) says the USS Nimitz has fired warning shots at an armed Iranian patrol boat on Friday in the Persian Gulf in the second clash between the two sides over the past few days.
IRGC 'Neutralizes' US Vessel's Provocation in Persian Gulf

IRGC ‘Neutralizes’ US Vessel’s Provocation in Persian Gulf

The Islamic Revolution Guards Corps (IRGC) announced that one of its patrol ships has neutralized an act of provocation by a US military ship north of the Persian Gulf, south of Iran.

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