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Aliakbar Velayati

US, allies fan crisis in region for Israeli safety: Iran top official

The ongoing crisis in Yemen, Syria, and Iraq shows “a pervasive plot by the US, the Zionists and reactionaries in the region,” Velayati said.
General Firouzabadi

IS doesn’t dare get close to Iranian borders: Top General

Firouzabadi reiterated that Tehran is fully determined to smash IS terrorists if they advance to around 40 kilometers of Iranian borders.
Minority Rohingya Muslims

Muslims die at sea; Nobel laureate keeps mum

The Rohingya Muslims have often been driven from their homes, because officials in Yangon do not recognize their civic rights and claim that they are Bengalis who should return to Bangladesh.

Adversaries are still at odds; A missile for a missile

The US has found North Korea’s missile capability as an impediment to its deployment of a THAAD missile defense system on the Korean Peninsula, reads the analytical report.

Erdogan, newspaper editor trade barbs over Syria trucks video

Turkish daily Cumhuriyet has responded to President Erdogan’s threat over video showing Turkish intelligence purportedly shipping arms to Syria.
Hossein Amir-Abdollahian

Amir Abdollahian stresses Iran’s constructive regional role

Unlike some countries that make arbitrary use of terrorism and play with regional security, Tehran strongly supports Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Yemen and the countries exposed to the terrorist threats, the diplomat said.

Rafsanjani expresses deep concern about human tragedy in region

Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said that the humanity shoulders a grave responsibility in the face of the current bloodshed in the region.

Iran, Greek governments keen on cultural-artistic ties

Jannati said that the Islamic Republic of Iran is willing to develop tourism cooperation with Greece.

Iran condemns suicide bombing at Nigerian mosque

Afkham referred to Tehran's principled policy of rejecting violence, extremism, and terrorism, and stressed the necessity for countering the inhumane phenomenon.

ISIL kidnaps 500 children in Iraq’s Anbar, Diyala: Officials

ISIL has kidnapped 500 children in two Iraqi provinces, Iraqi local and security officials said, adding they are being trained to carry out acts of terror under the terrorist group’s commands.

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