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ISIS Leader scaped

ISIS Leader Flees to Raqqa, but His Wife Is Arrested in Mosul[:es]Escapa el Líder...

Reports indicate that the ISIS leader al-Baghdadi has survived an airstrike in Iraq and escaped to Syria, but his wife has been arrested by Iraqi security forces. [:es]Según una informacón, Baghdadi Líder del grupo terrorista EIIL, logró escapar del ataque aéreo en Irak huyendo hacia Siria, aún que se ha logrado la captura de su cónyuge gracias a las Fuerzas de Seguridad iraquíes.

ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi Escapes Mosul Airstrike Minutes ahead of Attack

ISIS leader Abubakr al-Baghdadi has reportedly escaped an airstrike in the Iraqi city of Mosul, which is under the fire of Iraqi troops in the Liberating Mosul Operation.

ISIS Cuts Off People’s Access to Internet in Mosul[:es]EIIL bloquea el acceso a Internet...

Members of the ISIS terrorist group has cut off internet connection in the Iraqi city of Mosul, as Iraqi army and popular forces have started an operation to take back the city.[:es]Los miembros del grupo terrorista EIIL han cortado la conexión a internet en la ciudad iraquí de Mosul, tras los intentos del ejército por iniciar una operación para recuperar la ciudad.

Ivory Coast Sees Iran as “Key Partner” in Energy

Foreign Minister of Ivory Coast Abdullah Albert Toikeusse Mabri expressed the West African country’s willingness to develop partnership with Iran in the energy industry.
داعش عناصرخود را به عقب نشینی ازموصل فراخواند

ISIS Urges Its Elements to Withdraw from Mosul[:es]EIIL insta a sus combatientes a retirarse...

Amid the ongoing operation by the Iraqi army and popular forces to retake the northern Iraqi city of Mosul from the ISIS terrorist group, the Takfiri [extremist] elements have been urged to leave the city as soon as possible.[:es]En Mosul el grupo terrorista takfirí EIIL ha urgido a evacuar la ciudad tan pronto como sea posible.
iraqi army to musel

Time Has Come for Victory in Mosul: Iraqi PM

Iraqi Prime Minister Haider al-Abadi has announced the start of operations to liberate the town of Mosul from Daesh terrorists.

Saudi-Led Coalition Claims It ‘Wrongly Targeted’ Yemen Funeral

The Saudi-led coalition battling Houthis in Yemen said Saturday that one of its warplanes had "wrongly targeted" a funeral in the capital Sana'a, killing more than 140 people, and announced disciplinary proceedings.

Suicide Bombing in Northern Baghdad Kills 35

Suicide bombing targeting a funeral gathering in northern Baghdad Saturday killed at least 35 people and left another 63 wounded, Iraqi police and hospital officials said.

Nigerian President under Fire for Saying His Wife ‘Belongs in Kitchen’[:es]Presidente de Nigeria bajo...

Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari has been widely criticised for saying his wife, Aisha, belongs in his kitchen and living room, in response to the first lady’s public criticism of the president’s appointments.[:es]El presidente de Nigeria Muhammadu Buhari ha sido ampliamente criticado por decir que su esposa, Aisha, pertenece a su cocina y sala de estar, en respuesta a la crítica pública de la primera dama.

Iran Agrees to Attend Syria Talks in Lausanne after Conditions Accepted

Iran accepted an invitation to partake in a meeting in Switzerland for talks on the settlement of crisis in Syria after parties to the meeting agreed to some of the conditions set by Tehran for its involvement in the talks.

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