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Zionist Regime, ISIL Allies

Syria’s ambassador to the UN says the Zionist reigme allows the free flow of weapons and ISIL terrorists into the occupied Golan Heights and then into the rest of Syria.

Gaza death toll nears 2,000

The Palestinian death figure from more than a month of violence in Gaza has risen to 1,980 as a fragile truce persists between the two sides.
Iraq-Nouri Maliki

Iran extols Maliki for efforts to bolster unity in Iraq

Iran has praised Iraq’s outgoing Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki for his efforts to restore unity to war-stricken Iraq.
ISIL Terrorist Group

What Iran can do to halt the snowball of ISIL

With the Islamic State on the march in Iraq and Syria, Tehran can arguably play a more active role in stopping the advance of the terrorist grouping.
Rouhani-Iranian Ambassadors

Israel suffered humiliating defeat: Iran

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has slammed the Israeli regime's military onslaught against Palestinians in Gaza, saying the Tel Aviv regime suffered a humiliating defeat in the besieged Palestinian territory.
President Hassan Rouhani

Iran always stands by Palestine, Iraq, Syria: Rouhani

Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani says Muslim people in Gaza will achieve victory against the Israeli regime, adding Tehran will always stand by all oppressed nations, including Palestinians, Iraqis and Syrians.
Sadeq Amoli Larijani

Judiciary Chief: Zionists Committing War Crimes in Gaza

Iran's Judiciary Chief Sadeq Amoli Larijani blasted the Zionist regime for its atrocities against the Palestinian , and said the Israelis are committing war crimes in Gaza.
Palestine Committee of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM) in Tehran

Iran blasts UN Security Council inaction on Gaza

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has lashed out at the UN Security Council for its failure to stop Israel’s atrocities in the besieged Gaza Strip.
Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi

China urges end to Israeli blockade of Gaza

Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi has called on Israel to lift its seven-year blockade on the Gaza Strip and end the ongoing deadly offensive against the Palestinian enclave.
Gazan children killed

350 Gazan children killed in Israel war

Latest figures show the ongoing Israeli air and ground strikes have claimed the lives of more than 350 children across the besieged Gaza Strip over the past weeks.

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