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Syria's Assad Pardons Hundreds of Prisoners

Syria’s Assad Pardons Hundreds of Prisoners

Hundreds of Syrians were released from government prisons after receiving amnesty from President Bashar al-Assad in a move to mark his re-election this week, a monitoring group said.
Alaedin Broujerdi

30 Countries to Take Part in ‘Friends of Syria Conference’ in Iran

Over 30 countries are due to send their representatives to Iran to participate in a conference on the Syrian crisis, a senior lawmaker announced on Saturday.
syria president election

Syrian president election in Iran on May 28

Syrians residents in Iran are set to go to the polls this week to vote for syrian president election.
palestine flags

Palestine,Waiting for Liberation

Kayhan Newspaper Int’l Political Desk : Palestine,Waiting for Liberation
Father Dave – David Smith

Father goes to do boxing, delighting Syrian children

In an exclusive interview with Mehr News correspondent, Australian pilgrim to Syria, Father Dave – David Smith – has said that he would go to Syria to do boxing with Syrian children and delight them.

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