Iran Condemns Deadly Terrorist Attacks in Iraq’s Kirkuk

Iranian Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi strongly condemned Friday attacks on the Iraqi city of Kirkuk by ISIS terrorist group, which led to the killing of a number of people, including several Iranian nationals.

Hariri Backs Michel Aoun as Lebanon’s Next President

Future Movement leader Sa’ad Hariri Thursday offered an unlikely endorsement of his long-time rival Michel Aoun for the presidency, saying options to end the 2 1/2-year long vacuum were "not many."

Israel Worsening Palestinian Plight, Middle East Tensions: Iran Diplomat

Iran’s ambassador and permanent representative to the United Nations has held the Israel regime responsible for the desperate plight of the Palestinian nation and exacerbation of tensions in the Middle East.

Iran to Stand by Iraqi Nation in Anti-Terror Battle: Velayati

A senior Iranian official has reiterated the Islamic Republic’s support for neighboring Iraq in its anti-terror battle as the Arab country starts a large-scale operation to drive Daesh terrorists out of the northern city of Mosul.

Iran Rejects “Imaginary Story” of Role in Attack on US Vessels

Iran’s Foreign Ministry dismissed allegations raised by a US general that Iran may have played a role in missile attacks from Yemen against US warships in the Red Sea, saying the fictional story reveals US confusion in supporting the brutal Saudi-led invasion of Yemen.

ISIS Blows Up Government Building before Leaving Mosul

The ISIS terrorist group on Wednesday morning blew up the office of Mosul’s Governor-General before fleeing from the city.

Iran’s FM Favoring Durable Ceasefire in Syria

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has called for an enduring ceasefire in Syria to facilitate humanitarian aid deliveries to civilians in the Arab country, a lawmaker said.

Iraqi Forces Move to Retake Christian Town on Way to Mosul

Iraqi forces prepared to retake the country's largest Christian town from Daesh (ISIL or ISIS) Wednesday, a key milestone in their progress toward the terrorists’ main hub of Mosul.

Izadi Women Sold by ISIS on Online Messaging App

ISIS is selling Izadi girls and women on telegram and put them up for auction at prices around $7,000 to $7,500.

Iran Welcomes 72-Hour Ceasefire in Yemen

Iran on Tuesday welcomed a 72-hour ceasefire in war-torn Yemen, and asked all sides to respect the truce.

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