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The imperative of a comprehensive strategy to fight violent extremism

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif describes violent extremism as "probably the most critical challenge" menacing the Middle East and the entire world.

Iran condemns terrorist attacks in Yemeni capital

The foreign ministry spokeswoman has condemned recent bomb attacks in Sana’a, saying the oppressed people in Yemen are targeted by internal terrorism and a foreign military aggression.

Taliban warns ISIL against meddling in Afghanistan

A letter signed by the Taliban deputy leader warns Al-Baghdadi “against waging a parallel insurgency in Afghanistan".

US, Israel root causes of terrorism in region: Iran’s FM

Iran’s foreign minister has called for international and regional cooperation in an all-out fight against terrorism and extremism.
Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari

IRGC Commander warns of shifting nature of threats

Major General Mohammad Ali Jafari stressed the necessity of upgrading the country's military readiness, organizational tactics, equipment, training and capabilities.

IS captures palace of Qatari emir’s mother in Syria (PHOTOS)

Images of a Qatari-owned grand palace in Palmyra, Syria IS militants have seized.

We need to form a strategic coalition with powerful Iran

Javier Solana has said that conclusion of a nuclear deal will bring about fundamental changes for Iran and the wider region.
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Iranian rock band Piclavier raises awareness for Palestine

The five-member rock band, Piclavier, has recently received official permission to perform its first live gig.
Mowlavi Abdol Hamid

Enemy bent on shattering Muslim unity: Sunni scholar

Today, efforts to maintain unity are essential and we need to avoid things that might play into the hands of the enemy, said Mowlavi Nazir Ahmad Salami.

Saudi blockade of Yemen taking unacceptable toll on civilians: Iran official

“It is unacceptable that wounded Yemenis are denied access to medical aid because of the continuation of the cruel naval and aerial blockade, the deputy foreign minister said.

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