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A terror group which bites the hand that feeds it

A university professor has said that the West created terrorist groups such as ISIS to stem the spread of Islam, but their measure boomeranged.

Fars News EXCLUSIVE: ISIL leader moves to Libya

Sources in Libya says al-Baghdadi has arrived in Sirte, the hometown of the slain Libyan dictator Muammar Gaddafi, which is under the control of Takfiri groups.

In search of spirituality on the path of death and destruction

An Iranian sociologist blames the emergence of ISIS on the West’s failed paradigm, saying the Western civilization has suffered a paradigmatic failure and is undergoing a paradigmatic revolution.

Rouhani: Iran heralds international campaign against terrorism

In a meeting with Iran's new ambassadors to a number of countries, President Rouhani said implementation of the nuclear deal has created suitable opportunity for expansion of cooperation with the world countries.

A school for peace, a school for war for children in the same region

The promise an Iranian father has made to his little girl to stop hunting has caused many in their surroundings to follow suit and respect and love nature.

A historical bend Iran needs to negotiate

An Iranian researcher has said that Iran is to surmount a historical bend, adding if the country becomes successful, it will overcome the next bends more easily.

Developments following a controversial shoot-down

Russia cuts scientific ties with Turkey; Turkish submarines shadow Russian cruiser; and President Erdogan does not say whether he will apologize or not.

The West made a strategic mistake: promotion of a fake Islam

An Iranian expert has said that the West should present the real picture of Islam if it seeks to get rid of terror attacks and have security in its backyard.

Kharrazi: West needs to get familiar with real Islam

In order to confront terrorism, the first step is to cut off the financial and military aid provided to the terrorists by certain regional countries, Kharrazi told a British MP.
Aliakbar Velayati

If it weren’t for Iran, IS would have captured Baghdad and Damascus

If it wasn’t for Iran’s stance against the disintegration of Iraq and Syria, Damascus and Baghdad would have fallen by now, Velayati said.

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