ISIS Beheads Its Swordsmith with His Own Sword!

The man who crafted swords for the ISIS terrorist group was beheaded using the sword he himself had made.

ISIS Cleric Beheads Teddy Bear to Warn against Valentine’s Celebration

Warning people against celebration of Valentine’s Day, an ISIS prayer leader showed his repulsion towards this celebration in an “ISIS” way.

ISIS Urges Members to Massacre Muslim Clerics

The ISIS terrorist group has ordered its followers to kill Muslim religious figures of Iraq and the Arab world.

Iranian Minister Apologises to Nation for Power Outage

Iran’s Energy Minister apologized the residents of Khuzestan Province in southwestern Iran for power and water cut caused by climatic conditions.

Chief of Iraqi Hezbollah Assassinated in Basra

The leader of the Iraqi Hezbollah resistance group was assassinated in the southern Iraqi city of Basra according to local police sources and social media activists.

Security Forces Arrest ISIS Elements near Tehran

Iran says it has identified and arrested in the vicinity of the country's capital a number of ISIS elements planning to carry out acts of sabotage in Tehran.

Former Belgian Futsal Player Killed in Syria after Joining ISIS

Kamal Aharchi, who had played for Belgian national futsal team in the 2000s, has been killed in Syria’s Aleppo after joining the terrorist organization ISIS.

Military Vehicle Bombed While Entering Afghanistan’s Defence Ministry

A bomb hit a military vehicle in Afghan capital of Kabul on Saturday morning, but no one was killed or injured, according to Afghan officials.

Iran Offers Help to Afghanistan after Deadly Avalanches

Iran says it is ready to provide assistance to the Afghan people who are in dire need of relief aid after days of heavy snowfall caused a series of deadly avalanches.[:ar]

3 Killed in Avalanche as Snow Batters 18 Iranian Provinces

Snowstorm and avalanche in Mobarakabad District in Damavand County, Tehran Province, claimed the lives of three people on Friday, news outlets reported Friday as heavy snow and bitter cold enveloped 18 provinces cutting off electricity and disrupting gas supplies in some regions in the northern regions.

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