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The imperative of a comprehensive strategy to fight violent extremism

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif describes violent extremism as "probably the most critical challenge" menacing the Middle East and the entire world.
Marzieh Afkham

Violation of states’ sovereignty worsens Mideast crises: Iran

Afkham also condemned the deaths of civilians and security forces in the recent wave of terror attacks in Turkey.

Al Jazeera, the Mouthpiece of Terrorists in Battle of Aleppo

Latest photos of battles in northern and western fronts of Syria’s Aleppo indicate the active presence of Qatar’s Al Jazeera TV, which is covering the military activities of the Takfiri [extremist] terrorist group Nusra Front.
Hashemi Rafsanjani

EC chief: Iran should help neighboring states overcome insecurities, resolve disputes

Chairman of the Expediency Council Ayatollah Akbar Hashemi Rafsanjani said on Saturday that Iran should help its neighboring states to overcome insecurity and resolve regional disputes.
Iranian FM’s Bodyguard-Moscow

Photo of Iranian FM’s Bodyguard in Moscow Summit Goes Viral

A photo of Iranian Foreign Minister’s bodyguard closely watching his Turkish counterpart has been widely covered in world media, particularly those of Turkey.

Daesh will fade into history, Daeshism will live on

Professor Abbas Vali, a Turkish theorist, has said that one day Daesh will be part of history, but its legacy – Daeshism – will live on.

UN must act to stop Saudi killing in Yemen: Iran official

The Islamic Republic of Iran is ready to carry out any necessary measures in order to send humanitarian aid to the oppressed and defenseless Yemeni people, said Amir Abdollahian.
Orlando attacks

Javan’s Report on Orlando Attack: ISIS’s Dagger at a Time of Compromise

In its Monday June 13 issue, Iranian conservative newspaper Javan discussed the recent shooting by an ISIS member on a gay nightclub in Florida’s Orlando, claiming that such attacks are launched by the “Children of Saudi Arabia and the USA”.
German Girl Recruited by ISIS

German Girl Recruited by ISIS Explains How She Joined Terrorists

A German teenager who had joined the ISIS terrorist group has explained how she managed to travel from Germany to Turkey and then to Syria and Iraq to fight for the terrorist group.
ISIS Leader scaped

ISIS to Issue ‘Important’ Statement on Al-Baghdadi

The ISIS terrorist group has told its elements in western Nineveh to look forward to the release of an important statement about the terrorist groups’ ringleader, Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, who is said to be killed.

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