Israeli Regime Bombs Military Airport in Damascus: Syria

Syria says Israeli jets have bombed the Mezzeh military airport west of Damascus, accusing Tel Aviv of supporting terrorism.

ISIS Executioner Captured Alive in Mosul: Police Commander

A local police commander says one of the most notorious executioners of ISIS terrorist group has been detained alive.

5 Iranian Pilgrims Killed in Huge Blaze in Karbala

Several people, including at least five Iranians, have lost their lives in a huge blaze in a hotel in central parts of Iraqi holy city of Karbala on Saturday evening.

Over 60 Killed and Wounded in Fresh Baghdad Explosion

A car bomb explosion in the Iraqi capital of Baghdad has killed and wounded dozens of people according to media reports.

First Civilian Airplane Lands in Aleppo Int’l Airport

A first airplane has taken off from the international airport in the Syrian city of Aleppo in four years, during which the airport was closed due to the militancy in the Arab country.

ISIS Leader al-Baghdadi Appoints His Successor

Local sources announced that the ISIS leader has appointed three men as his probable successors.
Iranian Red Crescent Society

Iranian Aid Shipment for Assyrians Arrives in Iraq

The secretary of Iraqi Assyrians has announced that the Iranian humanitarian aid shipment for Assyrians has arrived in Iraq.

Turkey Must See Realities in Syria: Iranian Spokesman

Iran says unconstructive remarks by Turkish officials regarding the developments on the ground in Syria will further complicate the situation in the Arab country.

Toddler’s Death Highlights Plight of Myanmar’s Rohingya Refugees

Face down in the mud, chubby arms in a water-soaked yellow T-shirt, feet tucked in — this image of a 16-month-old Rohingya baby circulating on social media delivers an unforgettably poignant message.

American Senator Warns against Consequences of Syria Truce

The US Senator Lindsey Graham referred to an ongoing ceasefire in Syria, which is also supported by the United Nations Security Council, and described as a possible case of capitulation to Iran and Russia.

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