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Iranians Protest US’ Policies with ‘Stop Meddling in Iran’ Hashtag

A huge number of Iranian people from all walks of life and with various political orientations posted tweets and Instagram posts on Sunday night to express their protest against the US’ hostile strategy towards Iran and meddlesome policies over the past decades.

NIAC Urges Pompeo to Apologize for Anti-Iran Moves

The National Iranian American Council (NIAC) has called on US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo to apologize for supporting Trump’s anti-Iran policies.

War of Words Escalates between Iranian, US Presidents

US President Donald Trump has threatened Iran that it will suffer harsh consequences if it “threatens the United States again,” in a furious reaction to remarks by his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani who advised Trump not to “play with the lion’s tail” by making frequent threats against the Iranian nation.

Trump Pushing US Army to Invade Iran: Top General

The highest-ranking Iranian general says US President Donald Trump has been pressuring his country’s military commanders to take action against Tehran, stressing the need for Iranian Armed Forces to boost their preparedness.

Don’t Play with Lion’s Tail, Iran’s President Tells Trump

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has advised his US counterpart not to play with fire by voicing frequent threats against the Iranian nation, amid an escalating war of words between Tehran and Washington.

Negotiating with US Not to Solve Iran’s Problems: Leader

Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei, the Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, says holding talks with the United States and restoring relations with the country would not solve any of Tehran’s problems.

“Trump Resolved to Destroy European Union”

An Iranian newspaper says the US aims to destroy the European Union, and Trump is the flag bearer of the collapse of the bloc.

Poll: MKO Doesn’t Represent Iranian Diaspora in Canada

A new survey reveals that nearly 100 percent of Iranian diaspora in Canada maintain that Ottawa officials shouldn’t have taken part in the annual gathering of the Mujahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO), an anti-Iran terrorist group, which was recently held in Paris.

Rouhani’s Aide Says Iran Must Negotiate with ‘The West minus Trump’

The bellicose attitude by US President Donald Trump towards traditional allies of Washington and his friendly approach towards Russia indicates the emergence of a widening gap among the US and its allies that could be exploited by Iran to ease the escalating US pressure on the country, an advisor to Iran’s president said.

Putin’s Envoy Due in Tehran to Brief Iranians on Helsinki Summit

Russia's special presidential envoy for Syria Alexander Lavrentiev will pay a visit to Tehran on Wednesday to brief the Iranian leadership on results of the recent Trump-Putin summit in Finland, a report said.

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