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Trump’s Stupidity More Dangerous than His Madness: IRGC General

Secretary of Iran’s Expediency Council and a former chief-commander of IRGC says US President Trump’s low level of understanding is far more dangerous than his madness.

Leader Blasts Europe for Stances on Iran’s Missiles, Regional Presence

Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution has welcomed the EU's support for the nuclear deal, but stressed that Europe's interference in Iran's defensive program and regional presence is not acceptable.
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Iranian, Canadian Diplomats Hold ‘Positive’ Talks in Tehran

Iran's foreign ministry spokesman says a delegation of Canadian foreign ministry officials has recently visited Tehran and held positive talks with Iranian officials.
Trump Lacks Systematic View of Global Peace: Iran’s Larijani

Trump Lacks Systematic View of Global Peace: Iran’s Larijani

Iranian parliament speaker has once again slammed US president’s anti-Iran rhetoric, saying Donald Trump lacks a systematic view of the global peace and stability.

‘Trump Not after Scrapping Iran Deal; He Wants More Concessions’

A senior Iranian journalist and political analyst says the US president wants more concessions from the JCPOA, not the cancellation of the agreement signed between Tehran and world powers.

Iran Urges US Teachers to Spend More Time on Teaching Geography, History

Iranian education minister has called on American teachers and educators to work more on teaching history and geography to their students amid the geographical and historical misinformation disseminated by US President Trump.

‘US Creating New ISIS along Iran’s Borders’

A Middle East expert says during the past three years, the US-led coalition in Iraq and Syria has run with the hare and hunted with the hound to provide ISIS with new opportunities to continue its operation along borders of regional countries.

Gov’t Expected to Take Serious Action against Trump’s Remarks: Raisi

Ebrahim Raisi, the conservative presidential candidate in Iran’s 2017 election, has lashed out at Trump’s anti-Tehran remarks, saying that the Iranian nation expects the government to show practical, rather than rhetorical, response to the US president’s statements.

Trump’s Anti-Iran Stances Reveal His Political Naivety: Larijani

Iranian parliament speaker has blasted US President Donald Trump’s anti-Iran rhetoric in recent days, saying such remarks tarnish the international images of the US.

Showing Humility Makes Arrogant Enemies More Impudent: Ahmadinejad

Iran’s former president Mahmoud Ahmadinejad has blasted Trump’s Friday statements against Iran, saying that showing humility towards arrogant enemies makes them more impolite and leads to more unfair and illegal claims by them.

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