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“Iran on Verge of Major Legal Victory against US”

A senior Iranian expert says the ICJ’s recent letter to US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo urging him not to take any further actions regarding anti-Iran sanctions shows the Islamic Republic is on the brink of achieving an historic legal victory over the United States.

Iran Says Red Sea No Longer Safe for US Navy

IRGC Quds Force Commander Major General Qassem Soleimani has harshly responded to the US President’s anti-Iran threats amid an increasingly escalating war of words between the two sides.

Iran Officially Protests at Pompeo’s Meddlesome Remarks

Iran’s Foreign Ministry has submitted a letter of protest to the Swiss embassy in Tehran, the protector of Washington’s interests, following US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo's interventionist remarks and unfounded allegations made at an anti-Iran gathering in California.

Iran President Says Trump’s Empty Rhetoric Not Worth a Response

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani says national integrity, unity and resistance provide the most powerful response to the United States’ adversity and inappropriate rhetoric.

“US Must Abandon Idea of Holding One-Sided Negotiation with Iran”

Iran’s Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qassemi has advised US government officials and President Donald Trump to forget about holding one-way negotiations with Iran under the shadow of threat.

Trump Says US Ready to Reach “Real Deal” with Iran

Two days after threatening Iran, US President Donald Trump tamped down his hawkish rhetoric and signaled he’s ready to make a “real deal” on Tehran’s nuclear program.

ICJ Warns US against Taking New Move on Iran Sanctions

The International Court of Justice has urged Washington not to take any new step regarding its sanctions on Iran until the tribunal issues its verdicts on a lawsuit filed by the Islamic Republic against the re-imposition of US sanctions, an Iranian official said.

US Bases within Reach of Iran’s Defence Forces: Top General

Iran’s top officer Major General Mohammad Baqeri says the Iranian Armed Forces and the country’s defence power will never let the US president realize his anti-Iran plots.

US Sanctions on Iran; Big Test for Erdogan

The Trump administration is engaged in intensive talks to persuade its European, Asian, and Middle Eastern allies to go along with US sanctions on Iran in a bid to increase pressure on Tehran, but it has yet to convince Turkey, a very important player in the region, to comply with its decision.

Iran’s Larijani Describes Trump as “Rascal”, His Tweets as “Hot Air”

The Speaker of Iran’s parliament has described the 71-year-old US President Donald Trump, who has taken a tough line on Iran since coming to power, as a scoundrel and dismissed his anti-Iran tweets as hot air.

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