ISIS Member Beheads His Father in Mosul

A local source in Nineveh province announced that an ISIS member beheaded his father because he approved his family’s displacement to Makhmour district in south of Mosul.
Brigadier General Hossein Salami

Iran’s Jungle of Missiles Ready to Rain Down on Enemies: IRGC Commander

A senior Iranian commander says the country has “a jungle of missiles” deployed at tunnels and silos among other locations, which are ready to be fired at enemies if the need arises.

‘PUK Loses Iran’s Friendship after Kurdistan Referendum’

An Iraqi Kurdish lawmaker says the referendum on the Kurdistan region’s independence has led to the Patriotic Union of Kurdistan losing Iran’s friendship.
bahram qassemi

Iran Condemns Trump’s Signing of New Sanctions Law

Iranian foreign ministry spokesman has strongly denounced the US president’s move to sign a bill on new anti-Iran sanctions, saying the country reserves the right to respond to Washington’s measures against the Islamic Republic.
Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli

Coup Sign of Domestic Instability in Turkey: Iranian Minister

Iran’s Interior Minister Abdolreza Rahmani Fazli attributed an attempted military coup in Turkey to the domestic instability triggered by Ankara’s engagement in foreign conflicts, as in Iraq, Syria and Yemen.
Iran FM Zarif

Zarif: London conference on Syria good opportunity to outline Iran plans

The Syria Donors Conference is an ample opportunity for the Islamic Republic of Iran to put forward its plans for addressing the crisis in Syria and helping the country, says Iran's Foreign Minister.
Radio in Iraq and ISIS

ISIS to Execute Whoever Listens to Radio in Iraq![:es]¡EIIL ejecutará a cualquier persona que...

The ISIS terrorist group has once again issued a strange decree, banning people in Iraq from listening to the radio.[:es]El grupo terrorista EIIL ha emitido una vez más un extraño decreto, prohibiendo a las personas en Irak escuchar a la radio.

Video Shows Five Children Executing Prisoners in Syria

A shocking new video released by the ISIS terrorist group reportedly shows a number of children, including a British boy, executing prisoners with handguns in Syria.
Zarif-Buhari-Morteza Rahimi

Iran Supports Nigeria’s Plan to Restructure Its Economy: Zarif

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif, who is in the Nigerian capital of Abuja, voiced Tehran’s preparedness to help the west African nation in its fight against terrorism as well as its efforts to improve its economic structure.

Iran Proposes Nuclear Energy Cooperation with Hungary[:es]Irán propone cooperación en materia de energía nuclear...

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani proposed that Iran and Hungary cooperate in peaceful employment of nuclear energy.[:es] En una reunión con el presidente de la Asamblea Nacional de Hungría, Laszlo Kover, en Teherán el sábado, el presidente Rouhani destacó el progreso de Irán en las tecnologías modernas, como la nanotecnología y la biotecnología, proponiendo la cooperación mutua en la industria nuclear.

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