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ISIS Sets New Football Rules: If You’re Injured, You May Reciprocate!

The ISIS terrorist group has reportedly banned football referees in one of its Syrian strongholds and set new football rules as the previous ones were not in line with Islam’s Sharia.
Jean-Yves Le Drian

French FM to Visit Iran on January 5

France’s Foreign Minister Jean Yves Le Drian will visit the Iranian capital of Tehran next week to meet with high-ranking Iranian officials.

Iran condemns terrorist attacks on Nigeria mosques

Iran is ready to exchange experience with Nigeria on the fight against terrorism, Afkham said.

Damascus Has Audio of ISIS’ Talks with US Military before Strike on Syrian Army

The Syrian intelligence possesses an audio recording of conversation between Daesh terrorists and US military prior to the Washington-led coalition's airstrikes on the government...

Iran Not Threat to Any Country: President Rouhani

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani has stressed that Tehran is a threat to no country, rejecting remarks by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu who vilified Iran as an “aggressive empire”.

Iran FM, Top European Diplomats Discuss JCPOA in Brussels

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif has conferred on the Iran nuclear deal in a joint meeting with his French, British, and German counterparts and the EU foreign policy chief in Brussels.

Chabahar FTZ at the center of Abdullah’s upcoming Iran visit

The chief executive officer of Afghanistan believes compared to Pakistan, Iran's route has always been more open to Afghanistan’s transit and trade.
gholam hossein shafei

Iran Can Reach African Markets via Lebanon: Trade Official

A senior Iranian trade official says that Iran can reach African markets through Lebanon as the country affects all economic activities in Africa.
Russian president Putin

Putin: No Barriers to Iran’s Accession to SCO

Russian President Vladimir Putin said on Friday, June 24, that there are no obstacles for admitting Iran to the Shanghai Cooperation Organization.

‘Salaam Mumbai’ Sets New Box Office Record in Iran

The long-awaited joint production of Iran cinema and Bollywood was finally released in Iran on December 1 and so far has set new records at the box office.

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