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Stonebreaker Mother; Breadwinner of Her Children[:es]Conozca a la “Mejor Madre” del año

Maryam Nasiri is an Iranian "exemplary mother" who used to break stones to make Halal money for her children.[:es]Maryam Nazirí es una "madre ejemplar" iraní que se dedica a romper piedras para llevar dinero a casa para sus hijos, dinero halal (lícito).

Ninja girls take their training sessions to nature

The allure of performing feats in nature has prompted Ninja girls to practice martial arts outdoors.

Iranian Women Often Don’t Report Sexual Abuse

Despite certain regulations on violence against Iranian women, the ones who suffer sexual abuse often don’t disclose it due to a lack of social support.

I Wasn’t Forced into Wearing Hijab: Iran’s Volleyball Coach

Slovenian coach of Iranian national women volleyball team said that no one has forced her into observing Hijab.

Izadi Women Sold by ISIS on Online Messaging App

ISIS is selling Izadi girls and women on telegram and put them up for auction at prices around $7,000 to $7,500.

VP Underlines Gender Equality in Iranian Society

Shahindokht Mowlaverdi, Vice-President for Women and Family Affairs, has stressed the necessity for observing equality of men and women in obtaining social opportunities if the country is to develop evenly in all areas.

Adventures of Iranian Woman Who Travelled the World Alone[:es]La vuelta al mundo con una...

Having visited over 50 countries, Iranian female world traveller believes that love, kindness and generosity are of utmost importance in travelling.[:es]El amor, un punto de encuentro para la gente del mundo.
وزيرة الدفاع الألمانية

German DM’s Attire in Saudi Arabia Sparks Controversy[:es]Polémico atuendo de la ministra de Defensa...

A few days after the German Chancellor Angela Merkel called for a ban on the burqa, her minister of defence has refused to wear the hijab or the abaya on an official visit to Saudi Arabia.[:es]Unos días después de que la canciller alemana Angela Merkel ordenara la prohibición del uso de burka en lugares públicos, su ministra de defensa se negó a llevar el velo o la abaya en una visita oficial a Arabia Saudita.

Great female pool player (PHOTOS)

The Iranian pool player has been practicing hard to represent Iran in overseas championships.
Homeyra Rigi

Female Iranian Governor Wears Traditional Costume

In all formal situations, the Governor of a city in Sistan and Baluchestan province in south-eastern Iran wears the region’s local costume.

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