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Millions of Dollars Saved Thanks to Iranians’ Participation in Online Census

Millions of Dollars Saved Thanks to Iranians’ Participation in Online Census

Nearly 50% of Iranian people chose to participate in the online version of the country’s national census in 2016, and this has helped the government save millions of dollars.

“Iranian Police Not to Arrest People for Not Observing Islamic Dress Code”

The Tehran police chief says the so-called morality police will hold training classes for those who do not observe the Islamic dress code (hijab) instead of arresting them.
Abandoned Telephone in Iran

Abandoned Telephone Booth Changed into Aquarium

The municipality of Iran’s northern city of Rasht, in a creative move, turned one of the city’s old public telephone booths into an aquarium that has grabbed the attention of foreign media outlets.

Plasco Indecent Results from People’s Irrational, Irresponsible Votes

Following the tragic collapse of Plasco Building, many Iranian media outlets have sharply criticized the presence of Iranian artists and athletes in Tehran’s City Council - thanks to public votes - while they do not possess sufficient expertise and efficiency for managing urban affairs.

Enormous Book Garden Inaugurated in Tehran

Iran’s biggest scientific and cultural complex, with an area of about 70,000 square metres, has been inaugurated in the capital city of Tehran. The complex is home to the world’s largest bookstore.

Tehran’s Dead Trees Turned into Magnificent Artworks

Several dead trees of Tehran’s Valiasr Street, one of the longest streets in the Middle East, have been carved by wood artists and turned into beautiful pieces of art ahead of the Persian New Year or Nowruz.

Firefighters Save a Cat Trapped under 20 Tons of Steel (+Video)

A poor cat trapped under tons of girders was saved by Iranian firefighters in the northeastern city of Mashhad.
chinese tourist

“Illegal Lodgings for Chinese Identified in Tehran”

An Iranian official says unauthorized accommodations housing Chinese tourists in Tehran have been temporarily shut down, but no lodgings have been sealed.
Tehran Police Forcers to Use Bicycle for Daily Missions

Tehran Police Forces to Use Bicycle for Daily Missions

Tehran’s Police Chief Brigadier General Hossein Rahimi says in view of the traffic congestion and air pollution in Tehran, police forces may carry out their missions using bicycles in the second half of current Iranian year.
Architecture-Iran (7)

Architecture booms as Iran opens its doors to the world

Iran is "on the verge of a new era for architecture" according to local architects, as change sweeps through the Islamic republic following the lifting of...

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