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Mohammad Javad Azari Jahromi

Rouhani’s Gov’t to Open Up Iran’s Political Atmosphere: ICT Minister

Iran’s ICT minister says the activities of counter-revolutionary elements in the cyberspace should not be used as a pretext to restrict the country’s political landscape.

Iranian-Made Neuronavigation System Enters Service

Neurosurgeons in Iran are using a modern locally-developed neuronavigation system which measures up to international standards.

Iran to Present Its Latest Apps at GITEX 2017

The Iranian company Hamravesh, one of the active app developers in Iran, is offering its latest applications at GITEX 2017, which is underway in Dubai, the UAE.

Iran’s Information Security Achievements to Be Presented at GITEX 2017

Iran is going to present its latest accomplishments in the field of information security in the upcoming GITEX Technology Week due to be held in Dubai from October 8 to 12.

Iran Starts Export of Nano-Equipment to S. Korea, China

Iranian Vice-President for Science and Technology Affairs Sorena Sattari says the country has begun exporting nano-products and equipment to such developed countries as South Korea.

Iranian Researchers Develop Robots to Help Rehabilitate Disabled People

The CEO of an Iranian knowledge-based firm announced the company’s access to soft robot technologies, and said developing the technology could create a revolutionary improvement in the life quality of the physically impaired.

Iran Showcases Capabilities in Project Management Info Systems at GITEX 2017

Dorsa Resaneh Hooshamnd, one of the active Iranian companies in the field of Project Management Information Systems (PMIS), is going to represent Iranian companies at GITEX 2017.

Iran at GITEX 2017: Latest Software Achievements on Display

Vesta Information Technology Company, one of the most active IT companies in Iran, is going to display its latest achievements in Iran’s pavilion at the 2017 GITEX Technology Week in Dubai.
Iran to Showcase Technological Achievements at GITEX 2017

Iran to Showcase Technological Achievements at GITEX 2017

Iran will showcase its latest technological achievements in an IT Pavilion at GITEX 2017 exhibition from October 8 to 12 in Dubai, the UAE.
Islamic World Science Citation Centre

12 Iranian Medical Universities among World’s Top One Percent

Twelve Iranian universities of medical sciences have ranked among the world’s top one percent scientific centres, said head of Islamic World Science Citation Centre.

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