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Up-to-date coverage of developments in the fields of technology, computing, research and production in Iran, as it continues to progress in scientific endeavours.

Iran Produces Disposable Teaspoon with Probiotic Features

Iranian researchers have produced a new type of disposable teaspoons with probiotic properties as part of their project to promote the quality of Iranian herbal tea.
Omid Satelite

Iran Ranks First in Middle East in Aerospace

Based on a report by Spanish University of Granada scientific ranking site (SCImago), Iran ranks first in aerospace in the Middle East and 11th in the world, an Iranian official noted.

Tabriz to host int’l seminar on e-marketing, tourism on September 1

Among other things, website optimization, Internet marketing and branding through social networks will come up for discussion at the conference.
Professor Mohammad Ali Molavi

Father of Iranian Genetic Research Dies at 95

Professor Mohammad Ali Molavi, the father of Iran’s science of genetics, passed away at 95 on Sunday May 5.

Iran builds resistant nano-composite for railroads

The product can be used as an insulated composite in railroad and also in missiles and spacecraft which need high resistance in harsh weather conditions.
Iran Ranks 3rd at Int’l Chemistry Olympiad

Iran Ranks 3rd at Int’l Chemistry Olympiad

A team of Iranian high school students have won four medals to rank third at the 2017 International Chemistry Olympiad in Thailand.
Iranian Inventor Receives Award for Solution to Urban Haze

Iranian Inventor Receives Award for Solution to Urban Dust

An Iranian inventor has won the Merit Award and the Gold Medal Award of Merit at INPEX 2017 contests among 800 participants from 40 countries.
Laboratory space suit

Iran Builds Laboratory Space Suit for Sub-Orbital Missions

A group of Iranian researchers have designed and built a laboratory space suit for sub-orbital missions, media reports said.

Tap into the virtual world and expand it: Senior cleric

Those who can impart a fact to society in the virtual world need to be kitted out with communication infrastructure and facilities, said Ayatollah Javadi Amoli.
stem cells

A new type of embryonic stem cells has been discovered in Iran

The newly-discovered embryonic stem cells will set the stage for fundamental studies on cell therapy, pharmacology, toxicology, developmental biology and tissue engineering.

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