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Up-to-date coverage of developments in the fields of technology, computing, research and production in Iran, as it continues to progress in scientific endeavours.

Mahmoud Mehrdad Shokrieh

Iranian Scientist Ranked among Worlds’ Top 100 Innovators

An Iranian scientist has been ranked by a prestigious institute as one of the top 100 innovators across the globe.

Antibacterial nanocomposites designed for food packaging

Iranian researchers produced antibacterial nanocomposite samples that have applications in foodstuff packaging, INIC reports.
Cumrun Vafa - String Theory

String theory seeks to unravel basic mysteries of physics

Cumrun Vafa, an Iranian professor of Harvard University, expounds on a revolutionizing string theory.
Over 700 Expat Iranian Researchers Back Home

Over 700 Expat Iranian Researchers Back Home

The Iranian government says 710 Iranian researchers and experts, who were living abroad, have returned to the country and started cooperation in scientific and technological fields in the past few years.

Iran Proposes Formation of OIC’s Tech-Savvy Women Forum

Iran has called for the establishment of a forum comprising women from Muslim countries who have secured achievements in the field of technology.

Embryo Donation Centre Opened in Iran

Iran’s Avicenna Fertility Clinic has established an embryo bank to ensure the safety of embryo donation and accelerate the process to help infertile Iranian couples.

Robots to Combat Desertification and Repel Pests

Iranian researchers have designed robots that help combat desertification and repel pests.

Iran and the US: New Partners in Space?

Mohsen Bahrami, head of the Iranian space agency, has said that his country is interested in cooperating with NASA.

US AT&T Enters into Partnership with Iran’s RighTel Operator: Report

A spokesman for US mobile phone company AT&T said it has signed an agreement with an Iranian mobile phone operator to provide voice calls and data services to customers in the Islamic Republic.

Iran, only developing country producing rare bloods systematically

Head of Iranian Blood Transfusion Organization's Immune-Hematology Laboratory said Sunday that 22 advanced world countries have national rare blood production programs, but Iran is the only developing country with such a program.

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