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US AT&T Enters into Partnership with Iran’s RighTel Operator: Report

A spokesman for US mobile phone company AT&T said it has signed an agreement with an Iranian mobile phone operator to provide voice calls and data services to customers in the Islamic Republic.

Iranian Researchers Reduce Noise Pollution Using Nano-Fibres

Researchers at the University of Zanjan in Iran have designed a new subwave-length structure for sound absorption from graphene oxide-doped nano-fibres which can perfectly reduce noise pollution.

Iran and the US: New Partners in Space?

Mohsen Bahrami, head of the Iranian space agency, has said that his country is interested in cooperating with NASA.

US Hands Internet Control to ICANN

In an historic decision, the US government finally decided to hand over its control over the Internet.

Use of Telegram Banned in Iran’s Government Offices

Abdul-Samad Khoramabadi, an Iranian judiciary official, said the state-run institutions that make use of Telegram in their administrative affairs will be indicted for breaking...

Russia Seriously Looking for Iran’s Help in Gaining Know-How of Long-Range Drones

Iran’s top officer hailed the country’s missile and drone capabilities, saying that Moscow is willing to use Tehran’s experience in building long-range drones.

Patients to Receive Injection from Distance

Iranian researchers built a device that can automatically give injections to patients from distance.

Producing Oil and Gas out of Algae in 20 Minutes

Iranian researchers invented a device that turns algae into petroleum in just 20 minutes.

Robots to Combat Desertification and Repel Pests

Iranian researchers have designed robots that help combat desertification and repel pests.
Electric Motorcycles

Electric Motorcycles That Travel Around the World in 80 Days

Dutch Motorcycle adventurers, who are traveling around the world in 80 days on their self-built electric motorcycle, have arrived in Iran.

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