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Science & Technology

[:ar][:ar][:fa][:es]Up-to-date coverage of developments in the fields of technology, computing, research and production in Iran, as it continues to progress in scientific endeavours.[:][:][:][:]

Americans Don’t Dare to Ban Use of Gun: Iran’s Leader

Ayatollah Khamenei, the Leader of Iran’s Islamic Revolution, says the US lawmakers do not dare to prohibit the use of gun in spite of the increasing violence in the United States.

New Advancements in Brain-Controlled Systems

Iranian researchers have managed to develop a wheelchair and also a game for hyperactive children which are both controlled by brain signals instead of hands.

Newly-Developed Touchscreen Helps Blind People Read Digital Content Faster

Iranian researchers have designed a touchscreen that transforms digital texts to braille using a new method, helping blind people have a better access to digital information.
Health Tourism

Iran Has High Potential in Health Tourism: Minister

Iran’s Health Ministry says the country is a well-known medical tourism destination in the Middle East, but its great potentials have yet to be exploited.

Researchers Prove Radio Jamming Is Harmful

Electromagnetic waves, including those transmitted in satellite jamming, can increase the risk of infertility, immune deficiency, and cancer, according to a study conducted in Shiraz University of Medical Sciences.

Iranian-Islamic Traditional Medicine, Probably the Only Cure for Trump’s Illness

An Iranian professor believes that Iranian-Islamic medicine offers a way to cure vitiligo, a condition Donald Trump is suffering from.

Iran Can Become Global Tech Player: UN

A UN report says Iran has developed the science and technology skills necessary to be a global player in more than oil and gas but it must invest more in innovation.
Iran’s Renewable Energies Conference

70 European and Asian Firms to Attend Iran’s Renewable Energies Conference

Dozens of the world’s leading companies in different fields of energy will take part in Iran’s International Renewable Energies Conference.

Iranian Knowledge-Based Firms to Attend Aeromart Toulouse

Iran intends to provide knowledge-based firms with facilities to attend Aeromart Toulouse 2016 due to be held in France.

Space Should Be Part of Our Daily Lives: Iranian Official

An Iranian space official says brining the space into people`s daily lives is an important priority for Iran`s National Space Agency.

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