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Iran Declares One Day of Mourning after Quake Tragedy

Iran Declares One Day of Mourning after Quake Tragedy

Iranian government has announced Tuesday a day of public mourning following the deadly quake in the western provinces of the country.

Iranian People Queue Up to Donate Blood for Quake Victims

Dozens of people in various Iranian cities, particularly Tehran and Shiraz, have queued up to donate their blood for those injured in the Sunday night’s earthquake.

Condolences Pour in for Iran Deadly Earthquake

Heads of several states and other high-ranking officials from all around the globe have sent messages of condolences to Iran over the Sunday night’s deadly quake which has so far killed over 380 people and wounded nearly 6,000.

Iran Leader Thanks Iraq for Organizing Arba’een Pilgrimage

Iran’s Leader has praised the authorities who organized the “glorious and marvellous” Arba’een ceremonies, particularly the Iraqi government and security forces.
tahereh mohamadi

Iran Appoints Sunni Woman as Local Governor

The Islamic Republic of Iran has appointed, for the first time, a Sunni woman as the head of a village in North Khorasan province in the country’s northeast.
ayatollah-seyed -ali -khamenei

Iran Leader Urges Acceleration of Efforts to Help Earthquake Victims

Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyyed Ali Khamenei has ordered all Iranian officials and military forces to step up their efforts to help the victims of the massive quake that hit the country’s western areas on Sunday night.

387 Killed, 5953 Wounded in Iran after Magnitude-7.3 Quake

At least 387 Iranian people have lost their lives and nearly 6000 have been injured in a strong earthquake that hit an area in Iraq close to the Iranian border, emergency officials declared.
Brain-Dead Woman’s Organs Save Five Lives

Brain-Dead Woman’s Organs Save Five Lives

The donation of a brain-dead woman’s organs in the northeastern Iranian city of Mashhad have saved the lives of at least five patients in critical conditions.

Persian Ranks 11th among Most Popular Languages on Internet

A recent report by W3Tech says Persian language has turned into the 11th most popular language of websites in recent years.

Unique Votive Food Annually Cooked in Iran’s Yazd

In one of the relatively old neighbourhoods of Yazd, a special votive food offering (Nazri) is cooked and distributed among people.

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