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A letter from Proximity of Schools of Thought to Al-Azhar

The head of the World Forum for Proximity of Islamic Schools of Thought has welcomed a proposal by the grand imam of Al-Azhar to form a joint Sunni-Shiite committee to address the threat of Takfiri terrorism.

Construction of petrochemical complex in Makran needs permit: Ebtekar

The construction of a petrochemical complex and steel complex in Chabahar and Makran coasts depends on precise environmental assessments, said Ebtekar.

A daycare center for golden agers

A daycare center in Iran takes care of people with physical and intellectual disability, and helps fill the void for the people well into their golden years.

Saving Orumiyeh Lake with water from Georgia, Armenia

Transferring water from the Caspian Sea is not economically viable, an MP says.

Volunteer rescue operation to save fish stranded in Zayanderud (PHOTOS)

Nature lovers got together in Isfahan to rescue fish stuck in muddy ponds of the city’s famous river.

Iran loses to Japan in Asian Volleyball Championship final

Iran finished second in the 18th Asian Senior Men’s Volleyball Championship after it lost the final match to Japan. China ranked third after defeating Qatar.

Iran’s Tasisat Daryaei wins AFC Futsal Club Championship

Tasisat defeated Kuwaiti Qadsia 5-4 at the Nagshe Jahan Stadium in Isfahan to become the first Iranian club since 2012 to win the AFC Futsal Club Championship.
wild ram-1

Iranian scientists clone endangered wild ram

Maral, the cloned ram, is in perfect health and is being kept in Royan Research Center’s farm, said the head of the Isfahan-based Royan Biomedicine and Stem Cells Institute.
Makarem Shirazi

Senior Iranian cleric writes letter to al-Azhar’s grand imam

Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi has welcomed the holding of a Shiite-Sunni conference to review the most important obstacles in the way of Islamic unity.

The only woman who makes horseshoes in Iran (PHOTOS)

Making horseshoes for my horse inspired me to learn the skill, Ashnaei said.

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