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All the social, environmental, community and lifestyle news from across Iran, including the life and times of the capital, Tehran. There’s so much more to Iran than politics!

Paralympic 76

National Paralympic Day in Iran (PHOTOS)

The ceremony was attended by politicians, sports officials and a number of physically challenged athletes from Tehran and Alborz provinces.
16- Fars Province

Local dresses of Iranian women (PHOTOS)

Colorfulness is the standout feature of the clothes Iranian women wear.

Reformed female addicts march, calling on others to kick habit (PHOTOS)

At the event, the rehabilitated addicts appealed to others afflicted by addiction to quit.
Muddy artist

Muddy artist points up water crisis in Iran

A man in mud, Masoud Nikdel, brings his routine activities to a standstill to artistically say that water crisis is a serious problem in Iran.

Meteorite found in Iran desert unveiled (PHOTOS)

The meteorite which weighs 17 kg was discovered during a desert expedition in 2013.
Cancer specialty center

Cancer specialty center opens in northeastern Iran

The specialty center aim to help with early diagnosis of cancer and promote the quality of the patients' lives.
Besieged by selfies0

Besieged by selfies (PHOTOS)

Some psychologists believe snapping too many selfies might be a symptom of a mental problem such as narcissism.

Q&A: Iran’s top science official strives for a Silicon Valley spirit

Iran seeks to be the superpower of science and technology in the region and stand atop the Islamic world, said Sorena Sattari.
Raheleh Tahmasbi

A sailor who has sailed into unchartered waters

An Iranian woman has picked a job which has proved to be a whole new ball game for her: maritime sailing.
Afghan students-14

School year officially starts for Afghan students in Iran (PHOTOS)

Photos of the reopening of a school for Afghan children after the Leader ordered that no Afghan migrant should be denied education in Iran.

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