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Migratory birds0

Migratory birds arrive in northern Iran (PHOTOS)

The migratory birds arrive from Siberia in autumn to spend the winter in northern Iran which has milder weather.

Iranian researchers build fully automatic VTOL drone

The Iranian-built drone doesn’t need any runway for taking off and landing, and can continue flight even after one of its engines is damaged.

Tochal Piste officially opens in Tehran (PHOTOS)

The snow-covered slopes of Tochal are used by a lot of skiers in the capital every winter.
world’s most ancient Bibles

Tabriz is home to one of the world’s most ancient Bibles

Representatives of the Vatican proposed on several occasions to buy it from Tabriz Library and were ready to offer a blank check in return, Manuchehr Jafari said.
Masoumeh Ebtekar

Supreme Leader has lent new credibility and weight to the environment

The head of the Environment Protection Organization has said that if the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action is implemented properly, Iran will have more cooperation with other nations on cutting greenhouse gas emissions.

IS pursuing Islamophobia scenario: President Rouhani

IS claims that it represents Islam while the noble religion of Islam is against acts of terror, President Rouhani said.

Supreme Leader outlines environmental policy

It comes after Ayatollah Khamenei urged Iranian authorities to try to tackle the country’s environmental problems through detailed, accurate planning.

Farmers clearing once brimful water canals (PHOTOS)

The tradition has not drifted into oblivion, the region has been in the grip of an 18-year dry spell though.
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The insane genius

A genius man who has killed his mom is receiving medical treatment for mental illness.

Great female pool player (PHOTOS)

The Iranian pool player has been practicing hard to represent Iran in overseas championships.

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