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Leader sends message to 24th national conference on Namaz (prayers)

All should know that promoting Namaz is the most effective way to reduce social sufferings, Supreme Leader of the Islamic Revolution said.

Abdullah Thanks Iran for Letting Afghan Children Get Schooling

Afghanistan's Chief Executive Officer Abdullah Abdullah praised Leader of the Islamic Revolution Ayatollah Seyed Ali Khamenei for an order to provide Afghan children residing in Iran with the opportunity to receive education.

Antibacterial nanocomposites designed for food packaging

Iranian researchers produced antibacterial nanocomposite samples that have applications in foodstuff packaging, INIC reports.

National Animal Day Marked in Iran (PHOTOS)

In ancient Persia, people celebrated a day named “Bahmanagan” in which they did not eat any type of meat. Environment and animal rights activists...

Doidukh village (PHOTOS)

Doidukh village of North Khorasan Province has a long history in producing different handicrafts including double-sided silk rug.    

“Walls of kindness” in Sari (PHOTOS)

People hang their excessive clothes on the wall for the poor and needy to collect directly.

Saudi co-wives, find a third one for their 70 years old husband

The 70 years old bride-groom is enjoying his third honeymoon with his newly wedded bride.

Ski training camp for veterans, disabled athletes (PHOTOS)

The first stage of training camp special for veterans and disabled athletes is underway at the Shemshak Ski Resort in Tehran.      

Health slogans on Tehran billboards

A health slogan, aimed at reducing obesity, can be seen written on a billboard to encourage people to exercise and eat healthy to stay in shape.

Homemade pickles (PHOTOS)

Iranian women make homemade pickles, along with the health benefits, they are useful and tasty seasons for everyday meals; and in some cases it...

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