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All the social, environmental, community and lifestyle news from across Iran, including the life and times of the capital, Tehran. There’s so much more to Iran than politics!

Microsoft’s Ex-Manager Finds Iranian Students More Talented than Americans

Rouhollah Rahmani, the US-born Iranian computer scientist who worked for such giant technology brands as Microsoft and Amazon for several years, has returned to...

Iranian Manager at Microsoft, Amazon Comes Back to Rebuild Motherland

Rouhollah Rahmani is an Iranian computer scientist who has worked as a program manager in Microsoft and Amazon. An interview with Rahmani on his great experiences in these companies would be an interesting piece for all those people who wish to realize their dreams.

IELTS for UK Visa, immigration now testing in Iran

Irsafam Cultural and Arts Institute, an IDP Education official IELTS test center, has been approved by UK government to offer the IELTS for UK Visa test in Iran.

Zarif plants sapling in Australian garden

Iranian Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif planted a sapling in Canberra National Garden on Tuesday as a token of friendship between the two nations. The...

Carpet washing (PHOTOS)

Many Tehran citizens head to Cheshmeh Ali neighborhood, city of Rey, southern Tehran, in the final days of the year to wash their carpets...

100 Years of Solitude and Kindness / Welcome to Haj Ali Darvish Tea-house

Tehran, after being the capital city for 230 years, has many memory-filled places. Among them, Tehran's Grand Bazaar, as the oldest organized social-economic structure, has many of these nostalgic locations within it – places which are full of kindness and emotion.

Sunnis, Wahabis differ widely: Grand Ayatollah

A senior Shia cleric Ayatollah Naser Makarem Shirzai said that one should differ between Sunni Muslims and Wahhabis as the latter have turned to puppets in the hands of Islam's enemies.

Artists Renovate Urban Spaces

The Tehran Beautification Organization is hosting the annual Baharestan event, showcasing some of Tehran's urban arts in springtime.

Iranian surgeons learned much during imposed war, says health official

The scientific level of Iranian general surgeons improved dramatically during the Iraqi imposed war (1980-88), says the head of Iranian Association of General Surgeons (IAGS).

The Guardian Council Approves Equal Blood Money [Criminal Restitution] for Men and Women

The Guardian Council has ratified a bill on third party insurance coverage which states that equal blood money shall be paid for both men and women.

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