Find out more about what daily life is really like in modern Iran. This section looks at the diversity and breadth of everything going on in the country, from food and fashion to celebrities and celebrations.

Raheleh Tahmasbi

A sailor who has sailed into unchartered waters

An Iranian woman has picked a job which has proved to be a whole new ball game for her: maritime sailing.

Moving in the same direction (PHOTOS)

Many Tehran commuters share a car on a daily basis heading in the same direction.

Man with amputated arms soldiers on (PHOTOS)

Physical disability seems to be too small an obstacle to prevent Hossein Shokuhi from leading a normal life.

A teacher’s foray into an apiary

Parsafar, who has now opened a store where she sells honey, puts her success down to her tireless efforts.
Iranian dolls handed

Iranian dolls handed to war-stricken Syrian, Palestinian children (PHOTOS)

As a token of appreciation, the Syrian and Palestinian children drew some pictures and handed them to Iranian representatives at the event.

An act of kindness toward animals (PHOTOS)

The couple believes this small act of kindness brings peace and blessings to their lives.
doll taxi-15

A Tehran cab with an exotic interior

Although I am not a famous person, sometimes the number of likes I get on my Facebook page equals those of celebrities, said the Tehran cabbie.
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Iranian painter with no hands creates magnificent artworks

Azimi says he found it too challenging to put up with the difficult conditions at first, but with every passing day, he got better at using his toes to write and draw.

Cabbie returns briefcase worth $25,000 to owner

Bojnurd City Council and Municipality officials have praised Garivani for his decision to return the money.

A daycare center for golden agers

A daycare center in Iran takes care of people with physical and intellectual disability, and helps fill the void for the people well into their golden years.

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