Find out more about what daily life is really like in modern Iran. This section looks at the diversity and breadth of everything going on in the country, from food and fashion to celebrities and celebrations.

Ali Saberi

The highest-paid Iranian lawyer is visually impaired

An attorney should get happy after winning a court case only if his victory makes a difference in the legal literature of his country, said Ali Saberi.
Iranian Selfi

A month-long trip around Iran to take selfies

A young Iranian man makes a film of selfies he has taken at different historical sites and his video goes viral on the Internet.
public fridge

A public fridge in Tehran to offer free food to rough sleepers

Each week, 16 homeless addicts are admitted to a rehabilitation center with the financial help of the volunteers.
Saudi woman Iran

A Saudi woman details life in Iran

A Saudi woman who has lived in Iran for the past ten months says, “Iranians are very hospitable and are able to separate between politics and people in a way that I think is really unique to the Middle East".

Former rough sleepers, special guests of a wedding in Tehran (PHOTOS)

Humans should be committed to lofty human objectives and should empathize with those who have been subjected to social harms, the bride said.

Reformed female addicts march, calling on others to kick habit (PHOTOS)

At the event, the rehabilitated addicts appealed to others afflicted by addiction to quit.
Besieged by selfies0

Besieged by selfies (PHOTOS)

Some psychologists believe snapping too many selfies might be a symptom of a mental problem such as narcissism.
Raheleh Tahmasbi

A sailor who has sailed into unchartered waters

An Iranian woman has picked a job which has proved to be a whole new ball game for her: maritime sailing.

Moving in the same direction (PHOTOS)

Many Tehran commuters share a car on a daily basis heading in the same direction.

Man with amputated arms soldiers on (PHOTOS)

Physical disability seems to be too small an obstacle to prevent Hossein Shokuhi from leading a normal life.

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