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Find out more about what daily life is really like in modern Iran. This section looks at the diversity and breadth of everything going on in the country, from food and fashion to celebrities and celebrations.

Mandatory Food Standards Implemented to Help Control Non-Communicable Diseases

Measures have been taken to implement the National Document for the Prevention and Control of Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) that was introduced in October 2015, said Rasoul Dinarvand, head of Iran’s Food and Drug Administration (FDA).
Sistan and Baluchestan

Iranian Children Playing in Deprived Southeastern Province

Sistan and Baluchestan Province in southeast of Iran is one of the most underdeveloped provinces of Iran. The deprivation of people in this province...
Ezzat-Malek Malek - Iranian benefactress dies

Iranian benefactress Ezzat-Malek dies

Iranian artistic and cultural community mourns the death of benefactress Ezzat Malek.
Coloured Pencils

77-Year-Old Collector Has over 8,000 Coloured Pencils[:es]Un arco iris de lápices (Fotos)

With 8,108 coloured pencils, an Iranian man is likely to be the world’s top pencil collector.[:es]Un anciano iraní de 77 años guarda más de 8000 lápices de colores en su hogar.

A Shirt to Help Children with Learning Difficulties

Mohadeseh Mahboubi has invented a “smart shirt” that not only entertains children, but can also help them learn.

Kids in Tehran go to museums to listen to tales, so the story goes

Seven museums in Tehran host cultural events in which the public, children and adults alike, are being told tales in what is meant to encourage people to develop book reading habits.
zahra nemati

Iranian Female Flag Bearer Competing in Rio Olympics and Paralympics

Hours after making her Olympic debut, Iranian archer Zahra Nemati carried her country's flag in the opening ceremony on Friday.
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Iranian painter with no hands creates magnificent artworks

Azimi says he found it too challenging to put up with the difficult conditions at first, but with every passing day, he got better at using his toes to write and draw.

Iranian People Queue Up to Donate Blood for Quake Victims

Dozens of people in various Iranian cities, particularly Tehran and Shiraz, have queued up to donate their blood for those injured in the Sunday night’s earthquake.
Museum of Tajmir

Museum of Tajmir Village

A room in a house in Tajmir Village in Sarbisheh, eastern province of South Khorasan, has been turned into a museum of local handicrafts and ancients items related to the rural populace.

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