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Find out more about what daily life is really like in modern Iran. This section looks at the diversity and breadth of everything going on in the country, from food and fashion to celebrities and celebrations.

Uncle Mamad

Uncle Mamad’s Cabin (PHOTOS)

Images of a pick-up truck repurposed into a wooden camper of sorts and called home by Uncle Mamad.
Iranian Nurses

Profoundly different Iranian nurses

In spite of disabilities, the two sisters have proved that they are the best of nurses for their ailing mother.
zahra nemati

Iranian Female Flag Bearer Competing in Rio Olympics and Paralympics

Hours after making her Olympic debut, Iranian archer Zahra Nemati carried her country's flag in the opening ceremony on Friday.

Increasing Threat of Non-Communicable Diseases: Deputy Minister

Non-communicable diseases are growing, threatening the health of Iranians, the deputy health minister Ali-Akbar Sayyari said.
Citizen Apologies for Damage after 10 Years!

Citizen Apologies for Damage after 10 Years!

An anonymous Iranian citizen has apologized for having damaged a public bus back in 2006, offering compensation.

Islamic Novice Raises Ostriches

Hujjat al-Islam Seyyed Hadi Alavi, a young novice from Bandar-e Gaz, has started an interesting experiment, constructing a small ostrich farm on the roof of his house
Surprise Flight Boosts Sick Boy’s Morale (4)

Surprise Flight Boosts Sick Boy’s Morale

A group of university students formulated a scenario to boost the morale of a boy suffering from a serious condition and enable him to fight the disease.
Sara Abdolmaleki

Iranian Athlete Struggles to Become a Champion Once Again

Sara Abdolmaleki, a former champion in women’s rugby, was seriously injured in a car crash in early 2016, but she wants to rejoin professional sports in the near future.

Compassionate People and Dollars in the Street

Parviz Parastouyi shared a story of a strange event on his Instagram page, writing about a day when he was taking a family member’s dollars to the bank.
campaign for car-free Tuesdays, Iran

‘Car-Free Tuesdays’ Gains Momentum in Iran

The campaign for car-free Tuesdays, which is gaining momentum across Iran, originated last November in Arak, a city overburdened by too many pollutant industries.

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